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I’sis – The Spot

DIRECTOR: Don Baptiste

New Orleans rapper & now Tik Tok star I’sis has been going absolutely crazy with her latest song plus visual, “The Spot” shot and directed by Don Baptiste. Nothing like a catchy record to get your day started and I’sis did just that for the world. With a A1 trap beat and a elegant flow to follow, I’sis will continue to turn heads as this song grows exponentially. Don’t be last to hop on this wave as it’s going all the way up. Check out “The Spot” by I’sis, out now!

Mondo Mason – Boulevard

New Jersey has always been a hot bed for talent and today is no different. Mondo Mason hits our pages with a brand new record, “Boulevard” that’ll have you picturing a nice whip with a nice view instantly. The melodic tune is yet another ear-catching song from Mondo and it’s almost a farewell song to the summer vibes we kind of experienced in 2020. You also feel a little bit of heartbreak throughout the record as Mondo expresses all his emotions. Nonetheless, this is truly a great song and I immediately want more. Check out “Boulevard” that is streaming now!

Nicky the Jet – Bad Night

DIRECTOR: Tanner Hench & Aphios

Nicky the Jet teams up with director Tanner Hench & Aphios for his new visual, “Bad Night” that will catch your eye from the jump. Nicky expresses the heartbreak he went through and takes you down memory lane through enticing visuals. The directors show the happy times Nicky and his ex-girlfriend had while going back and forth to shots with his homies. The heartfelt song will have you running it back a few times and I’m excited to hear more from Nicky. Check out the visual above and let us know what you think!

LoveDon – Roll Me One

Orlando native LoveDon sets the tone with his latest single, “Roll Me One” that is a relaxing and smoking kind of song. The flow and cadence LoveDon uses throughout this song is natural and organic to say the least. He follows up those concrete skills with intelligent lyrics that’ll make you think twice. I definitely rolled one up and listened to this new LoveDon record. You should do the same and let us know what you think. Check out LoveDon’s “Roll Me One” that is out now all on those platforms we use.

JUSTEND – Summertime Sadness!

Justend grabs all his homies for his latest single, “Summertime Sadness!” that shines every light on Justend’s musical talents. Telling a story throughout the record, Justend makes sure to have his whole gang included. The cover art even shows that as you can see the whole crew is illustrated with other vices and demon-looking creatures. I’m a huge fan of this song and I’m looking forward to the whole album that is slated to release sometime soon. In the meantime, check out the single “Summertime Sadness!” from Justend.

Mir Fontane – Georgia Peaches


The groovy tune from Mir Fontane titled “Georgia Peaches” waltz’s in to my playlist with an amazing song. Taking trips to the west-end with a Georgia peach sounds like a lovely afternoon and this song would be on repeat. Mir Fontane keeps defying his music with smooth records and innovative sounds that are timeless. The eccentric song was produced by DIOR & BNYX who gracefully put this beat together. I absolutely love this song and you will too. Check it out now and let us know what you think!

Sic Withit Ft. YBN Almighty Jay –

PRODUCER: Sic Withit

Cannabis enthusiast Sic Withit dropped a top-tier record with YBN Almighty Jay titled, “U A Snitch” produced by Sic himself. The elusive song highlights well… all the snitches in the world and nowadays we really don’t have to name them. Both Sic and Jay take there verses and destroy them with ease. With a catchy hook to go with this record, it sums up to be one of my favorites from Sic Withit so far. Sic also just released his debut album Wasteland and I’ll be reviewing that this week too. So stay tuned for more Sic Withit & check out his latest single “U A Snitch” off his new album, Wasteland.