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Blazel – 8993


Gainesville rapper Blazel returns to our site with a new EP, featuring two impactful records produced by 1993. The two-song EP takes a dip in to Blazel’s life and shows you what Blazel endures, day in and day out. The first of two tracks titled “Cold” takes us on a chilly trip through Blazel’s mind. The three minute record is a top-notch tune that reminds you all, Florida is with it! The second of two tracks, “81 in Toronto” highlights the true skill Blazel has with a memorable flow. Both of these songs were produced by 1993 and the talented producer made sure to make an impact. Check out this new EP right now and let us know what you think!

G. Pari$ – Barricade


Palm Beach artist G. Pari$ debuts a new single, “Barricade” produced by YZ that is taking the light day by day. “Barricade” is just an explanation of a situation he went through early on in a relationship. While him and his significant other were going through some troubling times, G fell into a dark place mentally and just laid everything out in the studio, thus creating the track. G. Pari$ has been making music for about 4 years now. Drawing influences from the modern day rap stars like Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert & Tyler the Creator molded G.Pari$’ sound. His first song was a cover to Jay-Z’s Dead Presidents. That track really signified Paris; versatility as an artist, but as time went on his style changed and he eventually found his sound. Now years later, we can see the progression with G Pari$ and his music. Be sure to check out his latest single above and let us know what you think!

Joye Marelyn – Dying To Get Drunk

Joye Marelyn unleashes his talents on the mic with the latest tune to drop, “Dying To Get Drunk” produced by PK. The ever-growing artist makes a memorable tune that catches the attention of many listeners. Joye may be on the verge of another drink or two, but this song is hitting harder than ever with the creative joy I see behind it. I’m super excited to hear more from Joye, so tap in and check out his new record above!

Jessi Blue – Lips Do What Hands Do

Jessi Blue takes it up a notch with Blue’s new album, Lips Do What Hands Do that is sonically fulfilling. The eleven-track album takes a look into their trials and tribulations with a certain dose of creativity that describes these situations in-depth. They have a lot coming up with more music to be released and visuals to follow. In the meantime, check out their new project Lips Do What Hands Do and let us know what you think!

Kamal Smith – SIMPLE

DIRECTOR: Frezh Editing

Kamal Smith does it again with a brand new music video “SIMPLE” that was directed by Frezh Editing. The clean-cut visual serves us another reason to like Kamal Smith and what he’s got cooking up. The melodic tune catches your ear from the jump and shines a light on Kamal’s smooth voice with solid verses to follow. Check out the eccentric new video above and let us know what you think of Kamal Smith and his new visual!

Lina Reign – Risk

PRODUCER(S): Justin Wiggins

Lina Reign puts the “s” back in soul with her new single, “Risk” produced by Justin Wiggins. The true R&B sound with a new school style is exactly what I’m here for and Lina Reign gives us just that. Lina Reign hails from Miami, Florida and has started her rollout of singles. Aside from her singles, she’s working on her upcoming EP with Justin Wiggins producing and Eli Hawkins coproducing the project. The song “Risk” is expressing the sweet side of love and all it’s wonderful highs. It’s about someone who is in love and optimistic about where this new fzound flame will take her. Lina makes it easy to read and digest for every listener to enjoy. Lina’s next song “Can I” is teased to be featured with a familiar name around here, Nell! In the meantime checkout this record and let us know what you think.

Lovedon Ft. Goosymane – Uppercut

Orlando artists LoveDon and Goosymane connect for yet another hard-hitting record, “Uppercut” produced by an unknown name. Taking no time off, LoveDon and Goosymane put their foot on the gas with a ear-catching song. I’m highly impressed with the deliverance that LoveDon and Goosy executed so precisely. The duo has worked together, but nothing officially released to my knowledge. We can only expect more from the duo, either solo or together again! In the meantime, check out this new record and let us know what you think.