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KAPRI Ft. LIFER – Reeses Pieces


The man known as KAPRI is coming for blood on his new track, “Reeses Pieces” produced by FLEXATELLI. KAPRI also calls on his boy LIFER for a thrilling verse to amp up the energy on the record even more. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard KAPRI and what he’s capable of, as he just gets better and better. The west coast rapper will only keep the heat coming as his year is just getting started. Check out KAPRI and LIFER’s new single, “Reeses Pieces” produced by FLEXATELLI.

Trealeverything – Reasons

DIRECTOR: Ferrari Xavi

Trealeverything keeps it real with his latest installment, “Reasons” shot and directed by Ferrari Xavi. The cinematic video captures Treal in his element with a ever-so attractive flow over the fancy beat. As the visual proceeds, we are entertained with a, ideal street with palm trees standing in the background as Treal etches his record in to our brains. Catch the wave and check out Trealeverything’s new video, “Reasons” out now!

Corporate Lingo – 3.14159265359

DIRECTOR: Dylan Elliott

Atlanta native Corporate Lingo gives us an educational lesson on math with his new music video, “3.14159265359” directed by Dylan Elliott. Going full pi-mode on everyone, Lingo delivers another catchy tune that is turning heads left and right. I’ve personally never seen or heard a song like this before and I’m loving it. I think the education system should adopt this song for all math classes across the country. Get some brain food and check out this new music video from Corporate Lingo!

BrYonge – For No Reason

BrYonge from Canada drops his latest project, FOR NO REASON that entails ten tracks for you to enjoy. The northern rapper excites his followers and new listeners with a plethora of songs that showcase his true potential, as well as Yonge’s versatility. From record to record, we are given a set of different moods and energy that are perfected by BrYonge. A personal favorite off the tape has to be “NOT TRUE” as the words just fall into place for Yonge over the beat. Check out the new album above and let us know what you think!

Chewy Newton – Chewy Sorry EP

PRODUCER(S): Urfavvbear, Kaiser, Whyzoo, & Sachy

South Florida native Chewy Newton releases a brand new project, Chewy Sorry EP with four impressive records. Chewy nominates various producers such as Urfavvbear, Kaiser, Whyzoo, & Sachy for timeless beats. While every song is just as good as the next, a favorite of mine has to be “Tell Me” produced by Whyzoo, with an eccentric beat followed by enjoyable bars from Chewy, this song is already on repeat. The whole EP is a must-listen while Chewy Newton brings a fresh sound to the music world. Be sure to check out Chewy Sorry, available now! Let us know what you think as well and follow Chewy, @ChewyNewton.

Mizzie CA$H – Feelings Off

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Mizzie CA$H steps in to his element with an exciting new visual, “Feelings Off” shot and directed by R.E Films. The dark-scripted video plays a key part, as Mizzie recites his bars to the camera with triggering emotion. Taking no chances, Mizzie stacks his cash up and makes sure the world knows he’s here to stay. I’m excited to see what the future holds for rising artist Mizzie CA$H. Be sure to check out his new music video, “Feelings Off” and give him a follow @ScoobzFrmBoston.


OTM Frenchyy – 23


Florida’s own OTM Frenchyy returns with a banger, “23” produced by the well-known Sour K. In his Jordan year, Frenchyy gives us a taste of what to expect for this upcoming year as we are in full-swing. As Frenchyy rises to the occasion, the Florida rapper demonstrates his one of a kind style for all of us to hear once again. The world needs more OTM Frenchyy so go ahead and check out the latest track above. Also, let us know what you think and follow OTM Frenchyy if you want to keep up with rising artist (@otm_frenchyy on Twitter & @otmfrenchyy on Instagram).