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Cameron Airborne – Chemical Element (Prod. Cameron Airborne & Bmagic302) [Album]


PRODUCER(S): Cameron Airborne & Bmagic302

As today’s music is known for genre bending, but lacking of musical knowledge, a South Florida representer has begun to lay waste to statements as such. Cameron Airborne comes through with real instrumentation to prove his versatility as an artist, alongside Bmagic302, on their entirely self/co-produced project, Chemical Element.

With Cameron Airborne writing and playing guitar across all production and Bmagic302 on the hard hits and drums, the two develop a unique, captivating sound that is cross all boundaries of genre itself. All while building a Lebron-Wade like chemistry.

The project is a summer smash, delivering a different sound on each track. Catering to as many audience members as possible. We can definitely see Chemical Element last the test of time. As always  when we say this, we genuinely mean it when we say, keep an eye and ears out for what Cameron Airborne has upcoming. Official visual are on the way!

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#TBT: Trina – Da Baddest Bitch (Video)

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DIRECTOR: Nick Quested
PRODUCER: Black Mob Group

The original City Girl, Miami native Trina reminds us In this video of why she’ll always be the baddest out! “Da Baddest Bitch” was released on her debut album, Da Baddest Bitch. Which featured another one of her hits , “Pull Over”. The video features NFL Hall of Fame defensive lineman, Warren Sapp. With self-made, queen of finesse look and attitude damn near trademark, Trina adds a self loving, revenge filled acting performance to her resume. “Da Baddest Bitch” was her coming out party and just that early in the game, Trina showed and proved that she is definitely an OG in the hip-hop.

Von $hine – Love vs Lust (Prod. C Fre$hco)

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Tampa rapper, Von $hine, drops his first single of 2019 , “Love vs. Lust” on Valentine’s Day to remind you not to get the two confused. Throughout the song you can hear Von $hine contemplate deeply back and forth on his idea of love and lust over a melodic beat. This is the first of many projects to be released by him this year so keep an eye out.

#TBT: SpaceGhostPurrp – The Black God (Video)

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PRODUCER: SpaceGhostPurrp
FEATURED ON: Mysterious Phonk: The Chronicles of SpaceGhostPurrp | Stream via iTunes

Arguably one of the Florida and underground rap’s biggest influences. This week we take you back to 2012 when the founder of Raider Klan, SpaceGhostPurrp, released “The Black God”. The debut single off of his debut studio album, Mysterious Phonk: Chronicles of SpaceGhostPurrp. SpaceGhostPurrp used his grimey lyrics and signature dark ambience to convey a powerful message. Talks of breaking the cycle that our society has made in order to work us like slaves. Rising above this plane existence, to be something better. To be a God among men. To this day , SpaceGhostPurrp and Raider Klan continues to be a definite cornerstone to today’s hip-hop.

Lil Page – Face Your Fears (EP)

Upcoming Tampa artist Lil Page just released his new project, an 11 track EP titled Face Your Fears. He gives us a unique, never heard before sound throughout the whole album. Each track tells us a story about his life. From the emotional track “Pain”, describing his struggles he faces, “Pain running deep like a river” to the upbeat track “100 MPH”, where he tells us about his reckless, youthful behavior. The self labeled emotional trapstar has yet to disappoint, consistently delivering hits on hits each time he drops a project. Go stream Face Your Fears on all platforms including Soundcloud, Apple Music and Spotify.

Mosh Mouth Tour: Presented by Eli Hawkins Sounds

mosh mouth tour

Mosh Mouth Tour is presented by creative director and manager Eli Hawkins and he’s bringing out some of Florida’s favorite artists. Danny Towers, DirtyFaceSmook, Baby G, LxuiSavage and other special guests will be apart of this three city, statewide tour. Starting off in Tampa, at the Celebrity Lounge on November 8th. November 9th they will be at Club LIT in Orlando , and the final show will be at Studio 387 in Miami. There will be an open cypher at every show and local artists are welcomed and encouraged to come out and perform. All shows will be starting at 8pm and tickets are $10. Eli Hawkins has organized many South Florida, youth defining events. From raging pool parties to shows headline blockbusters featuring artists such as GlokkNine and BabyG. Yet Mosh Mouth Tour” is the first of many being presented solely by Eli Hawkins, himself. Don’t miss out on the vibes, come support your local talent and have a good time and make sure to keep a lookout for the next tour coming near you!

TICKETS: Tampa – Miami (tba) – Orlando

#TBT: JT Money – Shake Whatcha Momma Gave Ya (Video)

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Jeff Thompkins, aka JT Money is a rap artist and the leader of the Miami based southern hip-hop group, Poison Clan. Before dropping early 2000’s hits like “Who Dat”,  JT Money, a pioneer of southern hip-hop, known for his grimy , gangsta and club oriented music, helped take Miami bass to a whole new level with his gritty lyrics and his influence has left a carbon footprint on the dirty south, with the help of Luke Records and standout tracks like the one above, “Shake What Ya Momma Gave Ya”. In the song , “Some Shit I Used To Do” off of the album Poisonous Mentality , JT Money describes jacking and robbing like it’s a hobby and he even tells us how his nickname came to be. “… that’s how I got my name JT Money, jacking tourists for all they money”. He gives us a detailed story about robbing tourist , from spotting them out because of the map on the dashboard in their car , to taking a woman’s purse , stealing all of her money and then gifting the bag to another female… which sounds like a typical Miami thing to do. “Nobody’s untouchable , that’s my motto. Leavin’ no description for the police, all they saw was black guns and gold teeth.” Gold teeth, another staple of Florida hip-hop and culture in general. Although some people believed that his lyrics were “too much” and disrespectful to woman, he undoubtedly made his mark and paved the way for Florida music, and southern hip-hop as a whole. Join us in celebration of the life and work, of one of the true pioneers of Miami Bass.