Frankie X – Heartbreak Summer

Outside Worlds Frankie X just released his exclusive mixtape, Heartbreak Summer. We asked him a few questions to learn some more about the tape. 

•How long has the tape been in the works?

The tape has been in the works since November of 2019, when the first song and one of the lead singles “H.E.R.” was recorded. 

•Who’s all featured on it?

This project features only one other artist, fellow Outside World member and DJ, Richie Guapo. However, this tape has 3 production placements from Outside World producer/recording artist Fetti Suo who also recently dropped a body of work titled Crybaby Suo. 

•What’s your favorite song on the tape?

My favorite song on the tape is Lone Stone. I feel like that song describes best how I feel most of the time, and have built a personal connection to it. It’s the kind of song you listen to when you’re down and want to pick yourself back up. 

•What was your motivation / inspiration for the tape?

My motivation/inspiration behind the tape was ultimately to assemble a body of work that I knew someone, somewhere, would find relatable. It really highlights the ups and downs of the experiences i’ve had in the dating world, and I know these are common things we all go through but sometimes don’t have the words to express. My hopes for this tape are that the music resonates and helps a broken or lonely heart begin to heal the way mine did while making this project. 

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