seeyousoon – Blue Chord (Social Distancing Edition)

The 9-member collective, seeyousoon is full of versatility. Their two earlier releases “Steamy” and “ICFWT” are both very distinctive records with refreshing yet intriguing sounds. Their new record, “Blue Chord” is the perfect song for the summer. It’s a dance-floor, feel good song that’s irresistibly great. From it’s pulsating bass-lines and groovy tones, seeyousoon cultivate a record that’s warm and confident. If you’re a fan of electronic producer Kaytranada, then you’ll love this song. “Blue Chord” is nothing short of sensational. The song is also accompanied with a music video, but quarantine style.

Each member is so unique and genre-less. Luke Summers provides, sultry vocals that full of warmth and soul. Joshua is a complete alien when it comes to his flows and lyricism. Mitch delivers an impeccable verse while lastly, Maddie lays down her sultry and enticing vocals.


With only three songs in their discography, each one has it’s own identity. So far, Seeyousoon is ambitious and boundless, where it’s so exciting to what they would come out with next.

To Stream “Blue Chord” click here.