seeyousoon – ICFWT (Single)

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Back in February the multi-genre collective seeyousoon made an inviting introduction with their energetic and eccentric single, “Steamy”. The song introduced us to a group who was a breath of fresh air amongst their peers in music. Spanning across various styles of music, seeyousoon cannot be contained within a box. With their new single “ICFWT”, it proves how much of a Voltron like force this 9-member group truly is.

“ICFWT” is a nothing more than a retroflex record that utilizes each members strengths and talents. Each voice is eccentric and shows the diversity of sound within the group. Even the within the song there sounds will be strange to the ear but will later captivate you within it’s trance. Seeyousoon takes you through an atmospheric and cerebral ride that may lead you to a new awakening within yourself.

Nonetheless, seeyousoon is versatile and dynamic. They don’t cut short on lyricism as both of their releases are songs with depth and meaning.