Who is Cave and where is Cave originally from?

Cave was the result of going through several fairly cringy and failed attempts at rapping throughout high school under names like Tis Wizardry and Samurai Swine Flu. The current form is the result of college just being a little overwhelming and needing something to take my mind of school stuff every now and then. I’d like to think that now Cave is the kid that pops up on stage at rap venues wearing the paper bag mask and just puts on a show people aren’t expecting. The name comes from Cave Johnson from the video game Portal 2 which is just a fantastic game I can’t recommend enough.

Before the music, what was life like for Cave? 

Just a cycle of progressing through life if that makes any sense. Wake up, go to classes, work, eat, play some video games and then go to sleep. Music gave me variety in life and a better attitude/outlook in general.

What are some early influences that shaped who you are?

My earliest music influence is this artist I listened all throughout high school named Milo. He rapped about a lot of anxieties and thoughts that I could really relate too. As I started shaping my own sound and becoming a better artist my influences started to lean more towards Denzel Curry and Saba.

If not music, what would you be doing or better yet, what would you be pursuing in life?

I’d probably be on the same, although admittedly less exciting, path that I’m on right now. Currently working on a Computer Science degree and a business minor at UF. Although I honestly without music I might’ve been graduated by now, don’t let my mom know.

How did making music come into play and not just listening to it?

I have a love for rap music, especially the technical aspect of it. The breathing, the finding sounds that flow well together, finding combinations of words that sound better to the ear, all of that. I’m not a talented singer or producer or engineer, so making sure the technical and emotional performance of rapping is something I take pride in, and always loved seeing in other artists. So I think the serious transition into music happened when I had a deeper understanding of the complexities of rap.

The latest song you dropped is “Bevo” and what exactly does that represent to Cave?

It’s sort of the first song I’ve made explicitly for a girl lol. Most of my other tracks that mention women are 99% fictional and nameless so this was definitely a personal step forward. The references are just a lot of dumb inside jokes in the track and small illusions so she knows its for her but it’s not right in the face of everyone else. Outside of that, this song is definitely my best yet personally I think. It’s the first time I’ve actually sang a chorus, and the features on it are some of my favorite people who inspire and push me to get better at this music thing. I’d say Bevo represents growth in Cave as a whole.

Knowing of you and your last project. Can you say you’ve grown as an artist?

I’m taking time with the music this time around. In the making of WORMS I had studio sessions where I was finishing two songs per. I think the highest version of a song I reached MIGHT have been V3. This one single took around 4-5 studio sessions and the final version was 5, so I’d say patience is something I’ve definitely become more used to.

What are some memorable moments you’ve had along this journey?

As corny as it sounds all the friends I’ve made. When you go to college the idea is you’re going to make a bunch of new friends from living arrangements, class, clubs, etc. but I had a tough time being open and outgoing in those scenarios. The amount of lifelong friends I’ve made because of the Gainesville music scene is something I’ll forever be grateful for.

What else is there to expect from Mr. Cave? Any more music coming?

Working on what may or may not be my final album currently. I’m not sure, I haven’t really though much of how music plays into my future, recently it’s been “please just let me graduate and get hired”. I’ll probably keep dropping singles throughout the process but I’m excited to see what’s coming.

Last but not least, any final words of this interview you would like to let out?

If you’ve listened to my music and like it and also make music I do features for the free so hit me up! Also please pay your producers.