Cameron Airborne & Bruno Mali – Been There (Dir. Colton Visuals) [Video]

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DIRECTOR: Colton Visuals

South Florida’s Cameron Airborne linked up with Little Haiti’s Bruno Mali, delivering the official video for their steadily rising hit, “Been There”. Only six month since the release from his latest project, Chemical Element. The Colton Visuals video is the start to his 2020 campaign, helping us visualize Cameron Airborne & Bruno Mali’s words as they preaches. It definitely will be a good year, if you’re up on game with Cameron Airborne. Just as the track stated before, the hard lived, Florida emcees have been through and done more than enough in his youth to be considered a vet to their peers. Likewise on the microphone. Cameron Airborne to get our ears and eyes fixed onto him and it’s about time that the world takes him up on that request.  Then, in comes Bruno Mali, with his ability to appeal to many crowds is amplified as you play this banger at loud volumes breaking the knob if possible.  With provocative lyrics, energizing wordplay, and creativity within the video, Both Cameron Airborne & Bruno Mali leave it all on the track with this one. The video are where luxury and concrete meet at the perfect place and time. 2020 is just now getting started. Let’s see how well Cameron Airborne progresses towards his dreams this year on CitrusRap.