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PREMIERE: GlockyCashOnly – Fine Marble (you are so just be)

Fresh off of making Citrus Rap’s #BestOfFlorida2016 list, Miami’s very own GlockyCashOnly drops off his latest project entitled Fine Marble (you are so just be). The Dade County producer/rapper provides an array of eclectic soundscapes and rhythms throughout this very wavy 40-minute mix that seamlessly blends track after track of original composed instrumental music that anyone can vibe out to. With that said, press play above, catch a vibe and be sure to keep up with GlockyCashOnly.


Citrus Rap Presents: Best Of Florida 2016 [Music Videos]


2016 is a year that no one will ever forget—for better or for worse. Between tragic and untimely passing of pop culture icons and disappointing election results, some may say it’s for worse. However, optimistically speaking, 2016 was an unforgettably good year for music— particularly for Florida rappers.

This year, Florida has continued to make strides towards solidifying the state as a relevant powerhouse for hip hop through various nods from acclaimed tastemaker personalities, national publications, and even some major festivals. The industry, for so long, has neglected Florida’s output until just recently—after being given a late pass from the culture.

Between XXL Freshman list honorees, major label signees, and viral sensations, Florida certainly has a lot to be proud of this year. As the buzz continues to grow (at a faster pace than ever before), many cultural appropriators will attempt to define Florida—but not without coming off as disingenuous. For that reason alone, it was only right to get the Citrus Rap staff together to give a genuine perspective of the best Florida rap 2016 had to offer. Please be mindful that this list is in no particular order and is influenced by nothing more than the opinions of dedicated individuals in Florida’s bubbling rap circuit. With that being said, here’s to a successful 2016 and hopefully an even better 2017…cheers!

Directions: Click the song title link below to navigate the list.

Lajan Slim, for those unfamiliar, is a Broward County rapper who recently signed to Def Jam this year. Pusha T claims he is also the newest member of G.O.O.D. Music, which is not only an incredible look for him but for the entire state of Florida. Much of Slim’s buzz and success can be rooted from his zoe anthem, “Haitians.” Directed by Cinestream Pictures, the video depicts young Haitian culture in South Florida as young Lajan and company repeatedly waive the flag with pride.

With political correctness constantly eating away at different slang terms, Denzel Curry went against the grain with his single, “Gook,” shedding light on the concept of being a gook in the sense of being an outcast rather than the derogatory Asian slur. The video, directed by JMP, captures Denzel gookin’ out at the famous Miami Marine Stadium as he puts on for his city.

When Prez P and Big Nics get together, it’s a Miami affair. An entire album with the two was exactly what the city, Florida, and the entire rap game needed—especially with Unkle Luc behind the visuals. Premiered by The FADER, the #TooPlayerMode video for “Set,” features Nics and Prez flexing at the country club—playing golf and tennis while looking all too fresh. With additional signature glitchy edits and trippy color correction from Luc, this video is truly a classic.

Who thought it didn’t snow in Los Angeles? Wintertime proves all naysayers wrong in the frosty video for his hit single, “Thru It All.” With a record so cold, it was only proper to have the Los Angeles locale quickly turn from sunshine to snow. This, of course, was made possible by director extraordinaire Jimmy Regular behind the lens—who is known to get icy with it on the visuals.

When thinking about breakout artists from Florida in 2016, Tweleve’Len should immediately come to mind. Recently signing with legendary manager Coach K to join the likes of Migos, Rich The Kid, and Lil Yachty, the Miami songbird is destined for greatness. While some artists can forget where they come from in the midst of music glory, Twelve’Len remains humbly true to the 305 in his video for “Star Dust” with trusty director FXRBES cinematically capturing him in Overtown being one with the culture. It’s the perfect video for one of the most feel-good songs of 2016 coming out of Florida.

Miami is undoubtedly the breeding ground for the new young wave of trap music, and Lil Pump is one Dade County representative who surely looks promising. With an amazingly executed video by RaheemXP that aesthetically plays off of early school days nostalgia and South Florida trap culture, the self-proclaimed “trapper of the century” makes a good case for being one of the most prolific up-and-coming artists from Florida.

Jacksonville wordsmith DoLA teamed up with Central Florida-based teamSESH producer ghost/\/ghoul on a masterpiece of a project entitled Better/\/3D. “Red Light” is definitely one of the songs on the project that truly deserved fitting visuals. With frequent collaborator and director JG on the job, it was a perfect match—as DoLA is captured in his hometown football team’s jersey putting the city on his back with trippy lighting and effects that properly set the mood for this Duval artist’s banger.

West Palm Beach and its surrounding area can often be quickly dismissed as a beautiful and harmless place to raise your kids. Hailing from the 561, wifisfuneral reminds everyone with his dark and gloomy visual for his single “Grim” that his experience was far from glamorous—despite any preconceived notions about his home turf. With a very existential theme, Nassacre did the video justice by placing wifi in a bathtub surrounded by candles to set the mood of one of the standout records from Black Heart Revenge.

With a visual aesthetic so crucial to his artistry, Vintage Mob’s very own Cashy makes it hard to not be placed in the best videos of the year. While he might have kept reasonably quiet in 2016, Cashy’s video for “Who You Wanna Be” is loud with bright colors and vintage flare. This Gfxkid-produced video is truly an unforgettable gem from 2016.


While it might be difficult to take Fort Myers rapper Plies seriously in 2016 amidst all of the viral videos and memes he’s been the subject of, why should anyone have to? Even Plies knows how to poke fun at himself and the zany lifestyle of being a rapper like him. He especially does this to perfection with his unforgettably hilarious video for his hit single, “Racks Up To My Ear.” Pretending to be a mariachi while air-guitaring a stack of money is by far one of the most absurd ways to flex—and who better to do it than Plies? Props to Omar The Director for this one.

Citrus Rap Presents: Best Of Florida 2016 [Projects]

Best Florida Projects 2016

2016 is a year that no one will ever forget—for better or for worse. Between tragic and untimely passing of pop culture icons and disappointing election results, some may say it’s for worse. However, optimistically speaking, 2016 was an unforgettably good year for music— particularly for Florida rappers.

This year, Florida has continued to make strides towards solidifying the state as a relevant powerhouse for hip hop through various nods from acclaimed tastemaker personalities, national publications, and even some major festivals. The industry, for so long, has neglected Florida’s output until just recently—after being given a late pass from the culture.

Between XXL Freshman list honorees, major label signees, and viral sensations, Florida certainly has a lot to be proud of this year. As the buzz continues to grow (at a faster pace than ever before), many cultural appropriators will attempt to define Florida—but not without coming off as disingenuous. For that reason alone, it was only right to get the Citrus Rap staff together to give a genuine perspective of the best Florida rap 2016 had to offer. Please be mindful that this list is in no particular order and is influenced by nothing more than the opinions of dedicated individuals in Florida’s bubbling rap circuit. With that being said, here’s to a successful 2016 and hopefully an even better 2017…cheers!

Directions: Click the project title link below to navigate the list.

It was only a matter of time before XXL Magazine would grace Kodak Black with a spot on this year’s Freshman list after numerous cosigns and impressive releases like his [rather lengthy] project Institution. In the midst of finding himself in trouble with the law, Lil’ Kodak took a few steps back and humbled himself on his 2016 breakout mixtape entitled Lil Big Pac—which features two of his idols: Gucci Mane and Boosie. With banger after banger, this project truly put Kodak on the map and solidified his place in the rap industry outside of Florida.

Jacksonville’s very own DoLA has been about quality control from the jump. With an impressive 2014 debut album entitled Ch. 1: Night Vision, he was able to coast through 2015 without releasing much new material and still be able to rock plenty of shows in and out of Florida. What fans didn’t know at the time was that the Duval spitter was getting busy with Central Florida-based Team Sesh producer ghost/\/ghoul on a masterpiece entitled Better/\/3D. With dark and depressing moments accompanied by hard-hitting anthems, this project provides listeners with a dynamic listening experience that is a perfect marriage between complex lyricism and ignorant bangers.


As one of Broward’s most seasoned rappers, Robb Bank$ was given high expectations in 2016 following his debut retail release entitled Year Of The Savage—which was sort of the beginning of a new sound he had crafted with maturity and aggression. He was able to accomplish this with his trusty inner circle of producers: Broward-based producer/engineer extraordinaire Nuez, fellow SS artist/producer IndigoChildRick, soundscape virtuoso Nick León, and longtime collaborative producer/DJ Nuri. This year, the squad got back in the lab and churned out banger after banger for what fans now know as the much anticipated Death of My Teenage project—of which he will be touring off of into 2017.

Just like his name might reveal, Anonymuz is one of Florida’s hidden gems. In fact, this would be the first time Citrus Rap has posted anything about him—but that doesn’t mean that this Miami native hasn’t been paying his dues. Building a substantial fanbase off of Youtube, Spotify, and various gamer/anime sites, Anonymuz has put ample strategy into his music career to garner a niche following that is highly supportive. With a cohesive narrative, carefully paired production, substantial play counts, and several nods from music reviewer personalities on Youtube, his 2016 retail release entitled Vice City was one that could not go unnoticed on Citrus Rap.

As an original founding member of the notorious Buffet Boys crew, Kendall’s own Fat Nick has truly come a long way from being a high school dropout drug dealer after releasing acclaimed projects like Tha Heart Attack and Fat Camp as well as touring the country over and over with Pouya and the rest of the gang. While his appearance and charisma might give fans the idea that he’s nothing but jokes, his 2016 album When The Lean Runs Out proved to everyone that there are layers to Fat Nick. With the success of the release, including a headlining national tour, Fat Nick has cemented himself in the rap game whether the industry is ready or not.

For those who have either been around the Miami rap scene or have followed Citrus Rap from day one, Prez P and Big Nics (formerly J NICS) are household names. Having collaborated on tracks of their own and other South Florida artists over the years, the chemistry is quite undeniable—to the point where a collaborative project was inevitable. With Prez’s knack for smooth melodies accompanied by Nics’ deep voice and street knowledge, the combination makes for a player-ific sound and narrative that gives their album title much justice. Too Player Mode combines all of the elements of tropical vibes and Miami pimpin’ that only someone like UnkleLuc could create the perfect visuals for. The rest is history…

Wintertime is a season in Florida that doesn’t bring much cold, however, Wintertime ironically happens to be a rapper in Florida who makes some cold-ass raps. Based out of Central Florida, where it does often get chilly compared to South Florida, Wintertime has found himself flourishing in the rap game with viral bangers like “Thru It All”—to which ILoveMakkonnen hopped on the remix. With a style that tastefully fuses humor and self-awareness, it’s hard not to take a liking to Wintertime. His 2016 project I Know What You Did Last Winter features the hit single along with many other memorable tracks of which he was able to perform all over the country alongside buzzing Houston rapper Ugly God this year.

While the Florida hip hop scene might not seem exclusive, there happens to be a group of rappers who claim Members Only. With one of these members named $ki Mask The Slump God, it would be wise not to intrude. Along with Palm Beach frontrunner Wifisfuneral and controversial Broward rapper Xxxtentacion, $ki Mask is in good company in the sense that the internet and Florida’s underground rap realm are endlessly itching for more SoundCloud bangers from them. While loosies can get lost in the mix, The Slump God proved everyone that his knack for making projects could put him on the map. His 2016 project Drown-In-Designer, featuring Denzel Curry, Xxxtentacion, Treez Lowkey, LilPump, and Craig Xen, did exactly that.

Between Nostalgic 64 and 32 Zel/Planet Shrooms, Carol City’s own Denzel Curry has blessed fans with some classics over the years. When it came time to level up, Zel was more than prepared. In 2016, he and Kodak Black became the first XXL Freshmen since Ace Hood in 2009. This was a well-deserved look, as his retail release entitled Imperial, brought forth a highly developed sound that took the music industry by storm this year. When Rick Ross gave Curry the cosign through their track “Knotty Head,” it was official that he’s to be regarded as a Miami staple, and one of Florida’s top tier emcees. Beyond that, his touring has taken off, headlining both nationally and internationally—which can only mean that Denzel Curry is global and C9 is still the future.

Just as his album title may reveal, Pouya is truly an Underground Underdog. With explosive numbers across every digital platform, it’s damn near impossible to not have heard of this founding Buffet Boys member hailing from Kendall. What truly makes him an underdog, though, is the fact that his success is hardly celebrated or even acknowledged by the music industry—at least for now. After releasing this full-length retail album, Pouya has taken the world by storm and sold out countless venues as a headliner on tour with very little help from anyone besides his day-ones. Pouya continues to stay true to his roots and it’s directly attributing to his major success—which says a lot in a climate where rappers are often forced to “sell out” at a certain point in their careers in order to level up. Props to Pouya.

When it comes to breeding underground rap talent in the south, Texas and Florida are two states that are arguably doing it the best. With roots in both Houston and Orlando, Marcellus Juvann is a multi-dimensional artist who is a living, breathing product of both environments—and has no trouble expressing it in his music. With commitment to quality, Juvann has consistently released full-length efforts in both 2015 with The Fall LP and 2016 with his impressive release entitled The Great Escape. At the pace he’s going, Marcellus will soon be a household name in Florida, Texas, and beyond.

Not even 21 years of age yet, Nate Dae is one of Jacksonville’s most promising young artists as of the past year. In 2016, he released a rather impressive project entitled Off The Porch—which is his debut effort featuring We Were Never Friends crew member Stokely Carmichael. This body of work tells the tale of Nate stepping out of his comfort zone and making a name for himself on and off the block in Duval. Staying true to his narrative, Dae has ventured off to LA to work with like-minded creatives such as Brockhampton’s Kiko Merley and HK (Henock Sileshi). Moreover, he has shared stages with national acts like Machine Gun Kelly, Ugly God, and fellow Florida buzzmakers Wifisfuneral, Xxxtentacion, etc. The future certainly looks bright for this young talent.

2016 undoubtedly brought Palm Beach rapper Wifisfuneral some of the greatest moments of his career. From headlining tours to getting recognition from major music publications and millions of listens across streaming platforms, Wifi is truly killing the game. While he comes from the cloth of dropping loose SoundCloud bangers, he has successfully proven himself to be amongst the Florida elite who can skillfully craft up full-length projects with a cohesive narrative. With that said, Wifi’s Black Heart Revenge is only the beginning of what seems to be an illustrious music career.

When it comes to carrying oneself as an indie artist, Miami native Sylvan Lacue is probably the epitome of it. Formerly known as QuESt, he has had quite the journey as an artist. He has found much success from touring with Logic and building a loyal fanbase—of whom had no issue with the name change despite his album title being Far From Familiar. The title attributes to his dynamics as an artist, lyricist, and musician, as he’s capable of bringing multiple layers into his songwriting that catch fans by surprise in the best way possible. This year, between dropping this impressive project and doing a DIY tour with Rhode Island rapper Khary, Sylvan is on the road to becoming a household name without the help of major labels. Wise Up.

When it comes to that “fiy” (as Floridians like to say), Glok is the plug. Those who know, know. Better known as Glocky Cash Only, the Miami native has been putting in work in the music scene for years and has earned due respect from fans, scenesters, and OG’s alike. Having taken the time over the past year or two to learn production, both through self-teaching techniques and assistance from the homie Nuez, Glocky has drastically improved his abilities—and the music shows for it, particularly in his latest full-length project Gold Plated Flaws. In said project, Glok finds himself flexing on hard-hitting production from both himself and Nuez, making for a ton of replay value for fans of dope dealing, tropical living, and rap life.

With serious skin on the game and being such a crucial feature on South Florida’s most timeless anthem, “Threatz,” Yung Simmie is truly part of Florida’s elite. With a boasting affliction for cannabis, Yung Simmie smokes all of the loud—and any rap competition in his way as well. Delivering the finest products he has to offer, Simmie is much like your favorite weed plug—except in his case, it’s mixtapes, because best believe he’s not passing you his blunt. To commemorate his own success, he’s created not only a dope mixtape but his own time of the year—forget Spring, Winter, Fall or Summer—Its Simmie Season. His Simmie Season mixtape is full of bangers, including the anticipated single to his internet hit, “Dead Beat.” Even though he released a solid follow up with Simmie Season 2, like the buds, nothing beats the OG.

Anyone who has visited Tampa and the surrounding area knows it has a reputation for the turn-up. Between Gasparilla and vibrant nightlife, it is truly lit. However, at the other end of the spectrum, it can be gloomy and melancholy—to which Tampa artist Chester Watson draws more creative inspiration from. Having teamed up with POW Records (Passion Of the Weiss) for his project Past Cloaks, Watson has found much praise online from tasteful publications and fans alike—garnering a sizeable fanbase of his Lo-Fi, introspective raps. Keeping the momentum going while also keeping it in-house (Nu Age crew) he partnered up with his homie and frequent collaborator Kent Loon to create a true masterpiece entitled Spring Mirage. The album is full of trippy sounds, catchy hooks, and double/triple entendres for days—leaving rap fans craving more…and hopefully in 2017 more is what Watson and company will be giving.

Being that the greater Orlando area is so vast, it can be tough to break out as an artist without the powerful tool known as the internet. For 19-year-old Kaiydo, this was a non-issue, as navigating the internet and networking comes naturally for him—and it’s been a significant attribute to his success thus far. His single “Fruit Punch” taking off on various streaming platforms in a major way is only a tell-tale sign that he’s an artist to keep a close eye on. Said single can be found on his project Colors & Sounds—which is the direct byproduct of synesthesia (the ability to see colors from sounds, which Kanye West has also claimed to have) and it’s evident throughout the listening experience. He calls the project a demo, and if that’s the case, his real album will be worth the wait.

Formerly known as Bizzy Crook, Miami’s very own BZZY has been on the scene for quite some time—and never wasting a minute, having released over five original bodies of work. His most recent release, entitled A Part Of Everything, is seemingly his most mature to date—drawing inspiration directly from The Alchemist by legendary Brazilian author Paulo Coelho. Full of honesty and cognizant lyricism, this album is the culmination of everything in BZZY’s life and music career through trials, tribulations, and successes.

With Miami being a breeding ground for new artists more than ever, it came as no surprise to see someone like K.Charles arrive on the scene with a refreshingly original sound. Combining aurally-pleasing soundscapes with catchy, melody-infused raps, this Miami native certainly has a lot to offer music fans who yearn for more than your typical SoundCloud raps. Not to say he doesn’t have bangers, because he definitely has them, but he successfully brings forth variety and dynamics that still remain cohesive to his projects. He managed to achieve this with flying colors on his Citrus Rap-premiered mixtape entitled Station7Eighty6.

DoLA – Red Light (Video)

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Jacksonville-raised and Orlando-based rapper-extraordinaire DoLA recently teamed up with teamSESH producer ghost/\/ghoul to release an incredible project called Better/\/3D that is surely not to be slept on. At just six tracks in length, the EP is short, sweet, and to-the-point. In saying that, each song is extremely dense both lyrically and sonically, which gives it much replay value.

To bring additional value and due justice to this masterpiece, DoLA recently delivered pairing visuals for his dynamic single “Red Light.” As one of the standout tracks on this project, “Red Light” was given extra attention to detail by director JG to produce a video that would live up to the quality of the record—and he certainly achieved that. As DoLA unapologetically sports his Mark Brunell Jaguars jersey throughout the video, it becomes quite clear that he hasn’t forgot about his Duval stomping grounds despite his current residence in Orlando. With all things considered, everyone should be on the lookout for more impressive content from DoLA.

Yung Simmie – Phenomenal


Fresh off of his 10-city “Odd Family Tour” with Bodega Bamz, Yung Simmie drops off a new 3B exclusive for the fans entitled “Phenomenal.” The J Splash-produced banger features the Opa-Locka native flexing his knack for punchlines while giving fans and listeners imagery of Simmie’s natural habitat.. Hit the player above to hear the Miami rap phenom’s appropriately titled banger.

Pouya – Lil Wayne 1999 (ft. Fat Nick and Shakewell)

Before venturing off on a national tour with New Orleans duo $uicideboy$, Kendall native Pouya releases a brand new banger featuring fellow Buffet Boys member Fat Nick as well as San Fernando Valley rapper Shakewell, who, along with the track’s producer Echelon, represent the #FantasyBoys crew. Once again, Pouya continues his DIY approach of giving the fans free music whenever he feels like it. It seems to be working well for him and his respective counterparts, as these folks will be in a city near you playing some quality venues. Don’t miss out—these will be some epic shows to experience.

South Side Suicide tour!!! Get tickets to your city !!!!! Tag a friend !!!! TICKET LINK IN MY BIO

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Citrus Rap Presents: Best Of Florida 2015 [Music Videos]


2015 was yet another monumental year for Florida and its respective rap sector. As new faces arrived and existing talent continue to excel, it came at no surprise to see a headline at the end of the year read: “Could South Florida Become The New Atlanta?”

Though it was flattering, the answer to that question is simply, no. Florida has its own unique identity, especially when it comes to music. Any comparison made to the 305, 954, 561, 407, 813, or 904, respectively, is a setup for a poor argument. It’s safe to say that, overall, the sunshine state is overlooked and labeled incorrectly very often. The fact of the matter is that there is such a wide range of rap being offered, from the Panhandle to Miami, that no box could ever be put on Florida—and that is exactly the dynamic that separates it from the other regions.

With all of that taken into consideration, the Citrus Rap staff has compiled the best rap to come out of Florida this year. It was not easy, but certainly necessary in order to properly highlight Florida’s impressive output in 2015. When viewing, keep in mind that this is in no particular order, so the last is certainly not least. We hope you enjoyed 2015 as much as we did. Be sure to keep supporting Florida rap in 2016 and beyond!

Producer Nuri is well known for working closely with Robb Bank$, but just like any good producer Nuri has projects of his own. The Lightning EP was released in the summer and contained a track called “Content Censored” that features Robb Bank$ and former Cool Kids member Sir Michael Rocks. The track was able to receive a highly intricate and ambitious visual treatment by Miami’s go-to visual creative Unkle Luc. The rappers don’t actually do much in the visual, but the striking visual effects will immediately capture your interest. Going from dark and grainy to luminous and vivid, the video’s dynamics certainly alter for a mind-bending experience.


Jacksonville native DoLA never ceases to drop expressive pieces of work, so it came as no surprise to us to see how he showcased his creativity in his video for “Salutations.” As the second track of his project Ch. 1: Night Vision, “Salutations” takes viewers on a course of sharp imagery. The self-directed video begins with a pitch black setting, revealing only the brightness of his reflective jacket to show us his every move. Eventually, it shows him turning up with his friends to the 2014 single. With DoLA’s content seldom boring and often provocative, the Duval native is bound to show up in a city near you in 2016.


At this point, Kodak Black is already an Institution in the Florida rap sector. At only 18, the Pompano Beach native has spent the majority of 2015 trailing up and down the state for concerts, club appearances, and any other beneficial opportunities brought his way. All of this came off of the strength of his 2014 mixtape Heart Of The Projects, which contain his hit singles “No Flocking” and “SKRT.” While “No Flocking” might easily be the most significant song in his catalog, the video for “SKRT” made waves towards additional traction for the young South Floridian. With assistance from Unkle Luc and his signature color correction and glitch-edits, “SKRT” became a certified classic, depicting young Kodak riding around in his Audi busting missions and finessin’ like a young South Floridian hustler should.


Robb Bank$ has had a hell of a year, between dropping his highly anticipated album Year of The Savage to going on his first major headlining tour. Of course, 2phone had to grace his anxious fans some visuals. The moment the his video for “Kill4u” surfaced, we knew it would be something different than what people were used to. The track alone is enough to capture your attention, but once you witness the Katai-directed visual, you’ll be fascinated. Entirely based on a  skype call with some sort of jezebel, Robb finds himself getting a little show, but of course it wouldn’t be a Robb Banks piece if it didn’t have a dark twist to it.


Tampa goddess She.go has continuously showed us growth this year, dropping many noteworthy singles and showcasing her latest project Thoughts Of She. Let’s not forget her unforgettable Harrison Ponce-directed visual for her “Back to Black” single. In the video, She.go finds herself channeling her dark side by finding multiple ways of torturing and killing her Asian counterpart. Experimenting with a new, alluring, dark aesthetic, she creates a cinematic visual that altogether captures our attention, further proving why “Back to Black” should exist on this list.


With Ricky Rozay‘s output in 2015, the coined “Biggest boss that you’ve seen thus far” slogan couldn’t be more accurate. Overcoming an array of life’s curveballs throughout the year had Ross at one of his hungriest moments—ironically, at a time when he began eating less and watching his figure more. Not long after being released from jail, the new-and-improved Renzel went straight to his 109-room Atlanta estate with his trusty videographer Ryan Snyder to shoot the vividly luxurious video for “Geeci Liberace,” proving that life is still grand for the Carol City boss despite any given setbacks.


Although it is likely that there will be no real “Ice Age” coming to Florida anytime soon, Denzel Curry didn’t fail to leave us struck with some cold visuals this year—one of which being the Unkle Luc and Julian Yuri-directed video for “Ice Age” featuring Mike Dece of CSPG. Starting off in a private jet and making their way to a pool party full of women, it may sound like your typical rap video, but with the Denzel Curry signature touch, this motion picture is far from average.


When it comes to making a fashion statement in his music, Miami rapper Cashy certainly brings it to the “Next Level.” Possessing vibrant pizazz accented with vintage grit, there really is no one in his lane. Equipped with a VHS recording of him draped in some fly gear straight out of a Fresh Prince dressing room, the Gfxkid.Net-directed video for “Next Level” is the illustrious melding of the unique consistencies to Cashy’s dynamic persona as an artist. Shout out to Vintage Mob.


Repping the 407, Brazillian-American rapper NIKO IS has had quite the successful year as a recording and touring artist. Having traveled the world and rubbed shoulders with some of hip hop’s legends, the Orlando-based aristocrat has seen a lot and done a lot for his age. Reflecting those experiences and his overall radiance, NIKO brought forth some unique visuals that creatively utilized green-screen effects to accompany the zany “Vamoose” single from his Brutus LP. Thanks to director Chris Smith, this eclectic video deservedly made its way to our Best Of Florida 2015 list.


ProClub Ent’s Nik SB had us so “Addikted” to this video, that we had to premiere it! The visual takes us into a day in the life of one of Florida’s Natural talents, while he ejects destructive rhymes over fellow ProClub member Nuri’s detailed production in the Big Apple. The track is still unavailable to stream, so any fan of the song must return to this spectacular JUSTMELV-directed video in order to enjoy it again and again.


With the success of South Side Slugs, touring, getting wifed up, buying a puppy, and low-key building an incredibly receptive following, Pouya has had the best year of his entire life—let alone his rap career. After seeing the overwhelming feedback of his loose cut “Energy,” Pouya decided to recruit visual director Gian Lo to produce what has to be the most unusual rap video to ever come out of Miami. As a Halloween present to his loyal fans, Pouya and Gian Lo put together a spooky video depicting a haunted Buick and a cross-dressing ghoul. Weirdness ensues…


“C9 is the future” and they never fail to prove it. This year, Yoshi Thompkins dropped his video for “2055 B.C.” off of his Ronny J-produced No Rest EP. The trippy video was so introspective that it couldn’t not make to this list. Captivating you from the moment it starts, the BennyFlash-directed visual takes you on a quest inside the mind, while Yoshi takes you on a trip with his lyrical prowess. Overall, the depth of the video and track combined make it “Marvelous.” Be sure to keep your eyes on Yoshi and his C9 brothers this upcoming year, because you will likely not be let down.


As a founding member of The Buffet Boys, Fat Nick is gradually becoming a star. Glo’d up in any circumstance, the Kendall native ensures fans that he is only going to continue to get this money and make these bangers. With the standout track “Don’t Tell Me” from his Fat Camp mixtape, there was a demand for a visual treatment. Since Fat Nick is global, he sought after California for not only the landscape but the director of this cinematic motion picture. Big up to Max Beck for capturing Fat Nick’s essence as a young jugg lord in this memorable music video in 2015.


IndigoChildRick is more than just a rapper—he has a highly creative and innovative mind that sets him apart from many of his peers in the Florida music scene. Earlier this summer, he dropped a self-directed video for his iconic track “Retribution,” and it definitely did the song justice. The visual and art direction isn’t anything that you would expect from a rap video and will leave you at a loss for words, as Indigo skips through the darkness with chainsaws and free falls. Raging in various locations with special effects and intense energy, IndigoChildRick was at his best in this scenery. He has been highly slept on in 2015 but there’s no doubt that that he’ll bring more heat this upcoming year.


“Surrrf” pretty much sums up the underground hip hop scene in Florida this year. With Wifisfuneral, SKYXXX, Max P, & Keez collaborating on this single, it shows how a group of gifted emcees can come together and create some dope work. Director Nassacre shows each artist in their natural element, from Wifisfuneral killing his verse and chorus (“Today I woke up flexing, tomorrow I’ll be surfing”), SKYXXX blessing us with his killer rhymes, Max P giving us a dose of his high-pitched bars, and lastly Keez who just looks lit throughout the whole visual.


Pro Club Ent member B.Wav never falls short in making tracks that make people drop what they’re doing and just dance. In saying that,  it was refreshing to see the Marcmywords-directed video for his track “Slide” just as dazzling as the song itself. Following B.Wav and company into a skate night/dance party, he lures you in with the hook, “Girl, let me slide up on you” while capturing your attention with the intimate tone of flashing lights and tempting dance moves.


2015 was the year where different breeds of creatives showcased their work to the world and truly mastered it by bringing some new and dope material to the table. Fort Myers artist Cherele did exactly that with her visual treatment of her alluring track “Vi$ions.” In this instance, she brought something unusual yet intriguing to the game, while at the same time making it her very own. Director Mike Ellwood offers a semi-trippy journey of Cherele lurking through the night, perfectly pairing with her high-pitch vocals on the chorus that gives off a Neptunes vibe. Overall, this video was an easy choice for a spot on this year-end list.


SoFloHipHop founder Xali has made his way to our pages several times this year, dropping not only some fresh new music, but memorable videos to go with it. One of our favorites happened to be the MarsMarsMars directed video for “FuckWitDaGawd”, in which Xali gives you his lyrical insight and wisdom throughout the video. While putting on for the SoFlo culture, Mars utilized VHS overlay and mind-expanding effects that are bound to fulfill whatever expectations you had for the video.


This Fall, Germ was on the “Forevermore Express Tour” with The Underachievers, Bodega Bamz, and his Buffet Boys crew. Whenever the Buffet Boys perform, things are bound to get a little wild. Fortunately, cameraman KCB LA was there to capture the spectacle for Germ’s track “Fuck You” featuring Pouya. From raging with fans after a show to jumping on top of cars, there’s not a dull moment in this video. Keep your eyes on the Buffet Boys in 2016, as they continue to go global.


22-year-old Yung Simmie holds it down for himself and his set. With three solid projects under his belt in 2015, it is safe to say that this Dade County rapper took no L’s—unless they were rolled with OG. From Cali to Miami, whenever Simmie touches the stage and performs “Dead Beat,” the crowd loses their minds. With the August release of his corresponding video to the freestyle, the record took off, thanks to the immaculate visuals from Miami’s own Roberto Mario. In the song’s lyrics, he claims to “Expose the fake,” but this music video does the contrary for Yung Simmie, revealing his true nature of nonchalantly vibing with his homies and smoking loud while in both remote and familiar locales.