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Murph – Puttin’ On (Video)

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DIRECTOR: Dre Films & Mister Difficult
: Rich Eye AM
LATEST PROJECT: Position of Power (EP) | Stream

After the release of his highly anticipated Position of Power EP this Summer, South Florida-based rapper Murph headed to Colombia’s Caribbean coast with videographer Dre Films to create a trio of vibrant new music videos. Produced by Rich Eye AM, “Puttin On” was filmed among the locals in the 16th century Old Town and 21st century slums of scenic Cartagena, alongside co-director Mister Difficult. Here, the duplicity of the beauty and struggle seen in this city on Colombia’s coast matches perfectly with the music of a Broward County street rap veteran.

Kie Money – Catching Plays (Randy Moss)


Broward County’s very own Kie Money, is making moves on his new track, “Catching Plays (Randy Moss)”. Kie Money comes with a steady flow and a swift rhyme scheme as he expresses how hard he’s grinding. The hustle is real for broward county rapper.

Pouya – Daddy Issues (Prod. Mikey The Magician)

PRODUCERS: Mikey The Magician

Served as the first single for his upcoming debut album, Miami rapper Pouya drops “Daddy Issues”. Pouya teams up with Mikey The Magician, stitching together a track where Pouya himself spills his frustration over a complicated relationship. Pouya gives a very melodious hook that carries off a dirty south sound, and honestly he performs it effortlessly. Pouya has already been creating a buzz for himself across the country, this just adds on to why you should keep your eyes out for the upcoming Miami artist.

As he helps prepare the love of his life, CoCo, faces a battle with cancer, Pouya and the rest of the hip-hop and underground community would to ask for you to direct your prayers and positive energy to the strong, brave young lady CoCo, Pouya and their families.


Cherele – Zika (Prod. LeMieux)


Cherele is not slowing down as she comes with a new infectious song called “Zika”. Metaphorically speaking because it’s just that irrestible. Her musical right hand and rising South Florida production star, LeMieuX, is here dishing out style after style and sound after sound, that helps Cherele showcase her versatility. She becomes a chameleon on the track, that sounds like an inspired M.I.A joint fused with South Florida’s bass music. A deadly combo for the dance clubs. However Cherele makes it her own by bringing in life quotable lines and cold verses that are always memorable. Together Cherele and LeMieuX construct very moving drum and bass vibes that intertwines with the life of the energetic and fun-loving Floridians. This is a must listen and must support track.

Jah – I Am (Video)

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DIRECTOR: tffxtff & Jah
Jah & Scum Sage
LGFRQ | Release TBA

Jah holds an immense amount of power in his new video “I Am”. Directed by tffxtff and himself, “I Am” displays the out of this world talent and creativity that Jah holds within himself. The video cultivates tripped out visuals of dark and glooomy colors that resembles of someone taking acid or whatever drug the kids are taking these days. I’m certainly convinced he’s not from this world as he holds a ball of energy and then says “I’m gon’ lift up this whole planet like it’s 8 pounds”. That line alone speaks volume.

Marcellus Juvann – Prosper (Prod. J.Official)

PRODUCER: J.Official (@jayzeofficial)
ENGINEERED: @mixedbytra
ARTWORK: Anand Sheth

Celebrating the 2 year anniversary of his critically acclaimed project, The Fall, Marcellus Juvann decides to follow it up by dropping “Prosper”. The Orlando emcee, by way of Houston, and notable standout on VH1’s summer hit talent show, Signed, is resending out a strong message to everyone in the rap game that only the real will “Prosper”. It’s only a matter of time before Marcellus Juvann have the ears of your favorite musicians with this new flame. Making a new wave of sound, that his crew is assisting at helping him curate. “Prosper” is just a small glimpse of what this young talented artist posseses.

Nhajé Gems – Venom, From The Park (Mixtape)

PRODUCER: Gems, Corea, Serge Crown, Shamana, Slim97

Nhajé Gems from Tampa returns with a project that takes you on a trip of dark tones and a whirlwind of emotions. Venom, From the Park comes with a stream of complex and deep spoken word styled rhymes throughout the whole project. He dives into topics of self-reflection, love, pain and other various topics. He also taps in Gat & Cris and Ledawan to give their dope verses for this psychedelic album.