QuietStorMarc – Enter The Dragon (EP)

STREAM: via Tidal/Apple Music/Spotify
ARTWORK: ItWasMannie & Gods99
PRODUCER: Lang & Dendo

QuietStorMarc takes us through the streets of Shaolin (Shout-out to Wu-tang) with his new EP, Enter The Dragon. A short but fiery project that possesses a bag full of fury. The Miami artist also known as Marc Lee, shows us how he correlates both the martial arts and rap by tapping into his Bruce Leeroy state of mind. Enter The Dragon is a project that is full of karate chops, and Kung Fu references such as Karate Kid, and obviously Bruce Lee’s Enter The Dragon. On the uptempo track “Catch22”, he states “I’m a ghetto ninja with a clever mind”, a statement that describes QuietStorMarc as an artist and this EP.