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ALMIGHTY – Good (Album Stream)


GOOD is our second debuted project. The title GOOD comes from all of the pain that we endured through the year of 2016–having dealt with relationship issues, losing jobs, being overlooked and overall being the underdogs. We titled our project “GOOD” as a statement to all of our fans to show them that we’re GOOD and able to take adversity head on. -ALMIGHTY

Listen below.


MC Bravado – Unfiltered Ft. Nitty Scott, Real Deal & Time Police

= “Unfiltered” is the male and female perspective on a woman’s plight for approval and affection from men, in a society predisposed to sexism and bias that often pressures women to fit an unrealistic and unsustainable physical and behavioral ideal. The song offers views from several vantage points and tries to explore the dichotomy of this issue in and honest and engaging fashion. “Unfiltered” features Nitty Scott MC, Real Deal, and Time Police, and is the first single off “Hip-Hop*”, the latest album from Baltimore’s bard: MC Bravado. The song was produced by EP of The Doppelgangaz and has cuts from DJ MooseJaw.

MC Bravado’s Hip-Hop* is a tour de force in dense songwriting and structurally advanced, eclectic hip-hop music. Bravado is a rapper’s rapper at his apex, cultivating a record that celebrates the artist he is today by marrying and encapsulating the extensive array of influences that got him here. The asterisk symbolizes the attentiveness asked of the listener and serves as the embodiment of what’s been omitted from the game for far too long. MC Bravado has arrived.

The project features an all-star cast of collaborators, including but not limited to: Nitty Scott, OnCue, J57, KONCEPT, EP of The Doppelgangaz, PaceWon, DeeJay Element, Real Deal, and Teddy Roxpin. Listen below to the first single drop from the album.

Casablanca – Scary Hours


Ca$ablanca is Back with vengeance as he display superb lyricism as always on this high octane track Prod.By B-Sun off their Collab Ep titled Executive Decision Coming soon!

Listen below.


Orion Paxx – Prey

Orion Paxx is a brand new dope up and coming artist coming out of Miami with a dope True Genuine Hip Hop sound that is refreshing as well as creative. This new release “Prey” is dope and is a true expression of the creativity this artist is willing ready and able to show.

Listen below.

Eclyse – Word Weaponry

This is the 2nd single off the album “The Breakthrough” from Eclyse. This lays out incredible production from M.W.P. with an amazing old school feel to it with some hard hitting lyrics flying like swords across the beat. This is another taste of what this Florida Emcee has in store within this new album.


Planet Asia – Velour Portraits


You must have been under a rock or stuck in a mental trance if you haven’t heard the recent work of the Lyrical Veteran West Coast Legend known as the Mighty Planet Asia. This project VELOUR PORTRAITS doesn’t disappoint at all or fall short of the impeccable talent P.A has been known to show on everything he touches. He features artist such as Hus Kingpin and Rozewood from the up and coming Team #TheWinners and the entire EP is produced by up and coming Producer SONNY VINTAGE. Trench Work Recordings has a heater on their hands and they are giving you the privilege to hear this Masterpiece.

Listen here.

Ashley Sierra – Toutnoir Ft. Icon Da God

On the Eve of Black history month Ashley Sierra is back again teamed up Icon Da god and Airwreck sounds with a bone chilling record.Tout Noir or translated to english All Black addressing the issues of violence in the american inner cities. with the Growing threat from racist policing and crime and poverty at an alarming rate who can we trust in Amerikkka.

Listen below.