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Jaz Flow & Adam Wise – “Piece Of Cake”

Coming out of Louisiana where they’re the most unlikely of pairs, Jaz Flow and Adam Wise, are more similar than they are different. Seeking to bring something new to the game, this tandem has repeatedly shown people that music knows no bounds.

“We wanted to bring something different to the table for Hip-Hop. Working off of each other’s uniqueness we decided to do a song together and that song got a crazy response – from there we decided to create an album called Project Light,” Jaz Flow said.

The decision to collab paid off as the guys have found their way onto BET Jams, WorldStarHipHop, Revolt and a host of sites including The Source, DJBooth, AllHIipHop and Southern influencer TrapsNTrunks.

Most recently Jaz and Adam toured through New York visiting Shade 45, Thisis50, Combs Enterprises, Def Jam, Vevo and many other major platforms. They are booked for the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah and will precede across the border to Rosarito Beach, Mexico for an international showcase Feb 10th.

When the tour is over, the duo will come back to Cali where they will be hosting parties throughout the NBA All Star Weekend in Los Angeles which is sure to bring out a host of celebrities and entertainers.

“As far as i can remember, I have always wanted to change the world with my music. The most influential people in the world are artists because the most influential tool in the world is music” Adam Wise explained.

Immersed in music as a kid watching Yo MTV Raps, Jaz Flow found he had a way with words at an early age as he began to learn how to rhyme. “I wanted to motivate people and shed light on the things going on in the world,” Jaz Flow explained.

But despite their way with words, both Adam Wise and Jaz Flow realize that you can’t force knowledge onto your fans.

“In 2015 I realize most people didn’t want to hear conscious music so I began to twist styles up and drop golden nuggets for people to pick up on. I was searching for my own way to create ‘fun’ music with the light embedded.” Adam Wise said

Heavily influenced by groups like Outkast, Adam Wise and Jaz Flow continue to master their craft, continuing to push boundaries and even cross lines in music.

With their 4th visual “Piece of Cake” the guys closed out 2017 in epic fashion receiving about 225k plays in just under a month. After streaming over a millions times on Spotify alone, From the 3 continues to put Adam Wise x Jaz Flow (iii) in position to earn the notoriety they rightfully deserve.

Baby Soulja – Trials and Tribulations (Video)

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Baby Soulja, straight out of Duval County. This visual is for his same-titled, poignant Trials and Tribulations project and gives fans what life has handed to him. He brings you through his life and let’s you know how he went from down to up and how he got there from the streets. He is currently one of Florida’s most buzzed artist in the industry as well as the streets.

Samklef Ft. Akon – Skebebe (Video)

Nigerian artist/producer Samklef has the Afrobeat wave in a chokehold after helping Wizkid craft his debut project. Today, the new signee to Akon’s Konvict Kulture Imprint is releasing a new single and video for “Skebebe” featuring Konlive chief Akon.

Frak – Limewire ’03 (Project Stream)

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San Francisco musician Frak unveils his brand new body of work, Limewire ’03. Lacing each track with exceptional concepts, all stemming from the heavy album sampling of early 2000’s R&B records that bring up that y2k nostalgia. The project does a lot of touching basis on themes of tech accessibility and the way it affects our day-to-day lives.

Limewire was one of the internet’s first bootlegging softwares. It marked an age where anything in the world had become accessible to us through technology. and how it has affected us, through our relationships, our physical spaces, and even our egos.

Standout tracks pulled from Frak’s latest body of work include “Spine,” “5 AM,” and “Draymond”. Tune in below for the latest coming from the Cali native, and keep it locked for more new drops that are soon to follow.

Aziza Cree – Boyfriend

California, Bay Area native Aziza Cree uses her unique style to create a new genre of music. Her music is erotic. A sound that is rebellious but deeply soulful. Aziza’s latest effort, “Boyfriend,” which comes produced by Blake More demonstrates a certain degree of sexual dominance. It effectively displays a woman who has the upper hand in sex. Her song writing is truly revolutionary and her approach to art is prolific. Stay tuned for Aziza Cree’s new EP to drop during the first quarter of 2018.

Kelly Anthony – “Snake”

Born in Benin City, Nigeria and raised in Toronto, Canada R&B artist Kelly Anthony brings an international perspective to his music. Showing his Nigerian roots via his catchy Afro-Pop styled music, Kelly Anthony most recently turned heads with the release of his single “Snake.” Now the young boss is making a push with the clean visual for his sure hit single with an Afro-Pop twist.

“I started making music when I was 11 after I fell in love with R Kelly’s music. From there I sang in my mother’s church choir until I was 15 at which point I began singing R&B and recorded my first demo,” Kelly Anthony said. My mother was a heavy church goer and she didn’t want me doing R&B as much as the church music, but I started saving money to record music. I really looked up to R. Kelly and became inspired to make my own music after already having a background in music.”

Kelly Anthony is excited about the release of his video for the song “Snake” because, “it’s a natural, catchy and undeniable concept that mixes Nigerian culture with North American style.”

“Snake almost is creating a new genre, because Afro music is really popular back home in Nigeria, but I’m trying to add English to it instead of the Nigerian slang of Afro music. I’m all about embracing my culture and telling people my story from Nigeria to Toronto. I think my new style makes it something everyone can understand and I’m bringing my culture to the world.”

For the Andrew Prologic Frankin produced song, Kelly Anthony parties along a back drop with ladies and sexy vibes in the Saint Motion20 directed video.

“I want my fans to be ready because I’m coming with the hits and feel good music. Music that will make you happy, music that will make you dance, Snake is just the beginning,” Kelly Anthony said. “I’m a studio head, I’m always in the studio making music. I’m just trying to make a fun record, so that’s why the song is so short. It’s a quick dance record that people can dance to and relate to no matter where you are in the world.”

Pure Powers – Don’t Wanna Go

One of the first releases off of Sonoma County native Pure Powers’ new album Year Of The Peacock. Powers shows his versatility between rapping and singing bringing a refreshing new sound to the table. Shot in New York on the world famous Coney Island boardwalk, co-starring the Beautiful @24kwhitegold. Shot & directed by Will Rushton. Produced by @iamstarski and @iloveyouzakee.