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Jahni Denver – “Flavors”

Stoner rapper Jahni Denver is back with another fresh dose of cannabis friendly tunes. This time the Denver, Colorado bred emcee is stepping out with a project to awaken your morning senses proving the best part of waking up is Coffee & Blunts. Blaze it up with a variety of flavors while you enjoy the West-Coast emcee’s word play over funky beats handpicked for your morning wake-n-bake.

“This one is straight for the stoners, it’s only a 15 min EP and its a great way to wake up and start off your day. Wake up in the morning vibe out, drink your coffee, smoke your blunts and get about your day,” Jahni Denver explained. “Its a 5 track EP for the stoners, just straight positivity. I’m only putting out good vibrations and stoner music and I’m really happy about this project, Coffee & Blunts.”

Jahni’s highly entertaining new project Coffee & Blunts is chock-full of stoner adventures and moments so in anticipation of the release, Jahni Denver will be reviewing the best of the best strains across the country via his new video series on his Instagram and YouTube pages called, The Jahni D Guarantee.

“We already leaked one track called Something Good and now we have the Flavors track, produced by Jelan Abrams, which has a dope West Coast feel – it’s a feel good stoner song. It has an upbeat happy vibe, there’s some real life stuff in there, there’s some humor. It’s got a lot of layers to it. Last year Jahni Denver found himself in a life changing set of circumstances with a baby girl that was born on Halloween of last year. That immediately kicked Jahni into gear with a whole new sense of artistry and purpose.

“I started this year off as a dad and my baby girl is 3 months old now, so its real exciting. But at the same time as me going through this crazy change and this life moment, a great project came out of that, Coffee & Blunts,” Jahni Denver said. “I’ve come up in the cannabis industry on all levels in multiple states and I’ve always been the go to guy with respect to cannabis knowledge in the industry and now it’s culminating with this Coffee & Blunts project.

N.O. (Nlightened. One) – “Clocked In” (Prod by Tone the Beat Bully)

Coming from the First state to become part of the USA, Wilmington rapper N.O. (Nlightened. One.) hails from one of the last places you would expect to find a dope emcee – Delaware. With a raw and gritty East Coast sound that’s garnering attention from the shores of Delaware to streets of Philly, this talented young rapper has an undeniable sound that makes his origins that much more enigmatic.

Part of his rise to notoriety in the Tri-State area came with his appearance on DJ Cosmic Kev’s Power 99 FM “The Come Up Show” and via J-Squad’s debut mixtape Welcome 2 Hellaware hosted by the Aphiliates.

“The Delaware Hip-Hop scene has a lot of hard workers, and people are starting to gravitate to certain artists. I think we do lack some unity and genuine support, just as far as artists working together and networking, but I mostly just stay in my own lane and started to get my buzz up in Philly,” N.O. explained.

Kicking things off on the blogs to build awareness outside of his home state and the Tri-State area, N.O. is releasing his new single featuring the production of Tone the Beat Bully, brother of Roc Nation Producer Jahlil Beats.

“On the current project Times Have Changed we got this record called Clocked In and thats what we’re going to push next. It’s produced by Tone the Beat Bully and my cousin/manager Zo linked with him after Zo had known him for a long time way before Jahlil blew up,” he said. “Jahlil is a real humble dude and he’s always had some heat back in the day. We went to his old house in Chester and he was giving us a lot of jewels and knowledge about how the game goes. He taught us a lot about the game and how to get your self on.”

In addition to the aforementioned Jahlil Beats and Tone the Beat Bully, the project also features producers and rapper Sap, Marchitect, PC Beats, MD Kye and Prince Ali. There are also features on the project from J-Squad’s Dré and GK, as well as other names including Pittsburgh’s Owey, Renee Scott, Sap and BL.

“Not a lot of people have a project with top tier producers and legendary features and quality recording so I kind of want to shine light on the fact that I do feel I have that kind of project,” N.O. said speaking on the caliber of his recent body of work. I never slow down on music, still writing and visuals are coming and I”m doing some more shows and get back into that.”

Kooley High – Ceiling (Video)

With their forthcoming project “Never Come Down” set to drop on March 30th, Kooley High delivers an official music video for the LP’s lead single “Ceiling.” Shot by Barrett Phillips. Directed by Barret Phillips/Charlie Smarts.

The visuals for the Kooley High single gives the viewer a closer look at the inspirations behind the track. The leading lady played by Maryam is dealing with stress from her life/job/world news of the day. She channels her energy into a positive space to help redirect her state of mind via songwriting. The “Ceiling” video tells a story of overcoming adversity.

Lil Freaky – Grandma’s House

This is a story of Lil Freaky’s childhood growing up with his family at “Grandma’s House,” the latest release from his “20 Dayz 20 Nightz” series. Produced by Fritz and Samba Beatz.

WOULF – Tidal Wave


2018 is still very much so in it’s infant stage, and new music is flourishing. Cleveland, Ohio Hip-Hop musician WOULF capped off 2017 with his last drop of “Contact,” and today he’s here to introduce 2018 to what he has in store.

His latest drop off Tidal Wave comes in with high energy, setting the tone for how WOULF can be expected to come with each drop moving forward.

He shares a few words on his latest:

This record started out as a piece for a local collaborative mixtape in my city, hosted by DJ Coop and produced by MiZZHitZBeatZ. The record became such a hit with the people in my city, I decided to push this as a single on the road to my tape. The session I had for it was so slick, It was packed in the studio hella people, bottles, weed, food all that. I picked the beat and I went 1st. recording just the first verse and the hook. I came back later in the week and dropped off the 2nd verse. S/o Antoine Christopher with “The Arcade” That’s what I call the studio. a whole bunch of game posters that cover the wall, and it feels like home. -WOULF

Tune in here for WOULF and his latest work.

Big Zo – “Social Media Circus”

Born in Virginia but residing primarily in Lexington, KY for most of his life, rapper Big Zo has been slowly changing the face of Hip-Hop in Lexington for years. Now he’s back with a big new single, “Social Media Circus” as he delivers a visual that looks to highlight some of the stereotypes on social media in a unique way, offering his critique on the era of social media that we live in today.

In the Lance Meaux directed visual, Big Zo schools a group of young students, as the rapper proves he’s not scared to do what it takes to deliver his art and stand out from the crowd, literally dressing like a clown. For the visual Lance Meaux shot scenes in 5K with multiple Red Cameras using white and green screen work to draw from visuals filmed at a local school.

“The first single is called Social Media Circus,” Big Zo said. “It highlights stereotypes on social media and in a unique way challenges people to stop clowning around on the internet and spend time making real change in their lives.”

For the song Big Zo was able to link up with St Louis producer Demolish who has landed placements with Tech N9ne and E-40 to name a few, adding more depth to this already intriguing piece of content.

While many people might not think of Lexington, KY as the epicenter of Hip-Hop music, Big Zo has played his role in developing the Hip-Hop scene in Kentucky after he’s operated one of the longest standing studios in town.

To date his studio has recorded artists like Cassidy, Young Buck, Freeway, Bando Jones, Nappy Roots, Crime Mob, Project Pat, Verse Simmons, Bambi and more,

“Lexington doesn’t just thrive off of one industry. The music scene is in it’s infancy phase and on the hip hop scene I am a pioneer. My studio, Fyre Entertainment LLC, is the longest standing and most successful Hip-Hop studio that this city has every seen,” Big Zo says with pride.

As the Spring and Summer approach, Big Zo has plans to tour after getting several paid gigs over the last few years at Lexi-Fest, The Black Gold Festival and the Lexington Music Awards show within Kentucky. 2018 will be a monumental year for Big Zo as he looks to expand beyond the borders of Kentucky touring and working with more artists who have similar goals.