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Majur De’Veaux – Ambition

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majur deveaux
majur deveaux

Today singer and songwriter, Majur De’Veaux delivers her new single “Ambition”. It’s an upbeat yet calm single that speaks to the concepts of manifesting your dreams and elevating beyond your goals.

Finding a balance between trap, pop and R&B, Majur De’Veaux, connected with Mini Producer (@miniproducer) out of Atlanta. He specializes in a variety of production styles which can be heard on this motivational single.

“My first single is called Ambition, and I chose the word specifically because I really believe that manifestation and ambition is really all that it takes in life. If you have the ambition, everything else will fall into place because you’re chasing that goal. It’s just the way the universe works when you are chasing a goal,” Majur De’Veaux said.  

“It’s a song that’s definitely more uptempo and it’s one where I can see people jogging up the street to it. A song that you put on your phone to wake up in the morning. It’s got a lot of get up and go and a lot of urgency to it. The song is basically to inspire people to go after their dreams and get it. You never know what could happen ’cause it’s your life, you just gotta see it.”

Musically, Majur De’Veaux found her voice after she sang in a paid jazz cover band. Taking a break from recording music, Majur De’Veaux built her presence on stage. In doing that, she found the confidence to perform in a live setting.

“I don’t really have a limit, I don’t really see this song or project as one thing because I don’t want to limit it or underestimate it. The goals of this project are to get a song on 2k, a movie or on Netflix. Run me my 2k placement,” she said laughing. 

“For this video, Ambition was the first time I ever wore a bathing suit. Whether it was on camera or in person, I’ve never been comfortable in a bathing suit my whole adult life. I put it on and I felt like I looked good with the bathing suit on.  At the end of the day there are so many women that feel insecure about their bodies. There’s nothing wrong with them just like there’s nothing wrong with me. I really want to promote self love and normalize women looking however they want to look and still feel confident. I look a little bit fat on some of the angles, but I’m going to keep working out and people are going to be able to see the progress so I hope that motivates them too.”

Majur De’Veaux was born in the Bahamas, and raised primarily on the West Coast. She made stops in Oakland, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Seattle, until she ultimately graduated from West Seattle High School.

From that point on Majur has been balancing life as a single mom and doubling as celebrity nail technician. To date, Majur De’Veaux has worked with a host of celebrities including Chris Brown, Paris Hilton, Drea Michell, Kevin Gates, the Kardashians and more. Now she’s branching out and showcasing her true love of music. 

In light of working with celebrities, Majur De’Veaux has made appearances on Wipe Out, Bad Girls Club , Keeping Up with the Kardashians, The Steve Harvey Show , W.A.G.S.., Black Ink Crew Compton , Vanderpump Rules and more. 

“I am a mom of three which is the coolest part about me. I love that about myself, and I used to try to hide it, but now I tell the world that you should be proud to be a mom. It’s never too late to chase your dreams,” Majur De’Veaux explained. “I’m a celebrity nail tech in my daytime life, having worked with a host of celebrities.  I just did work on the show Wipe Out, I have a mobile nail salon that’s based out of Las Vegas. Nails is life and I’m an educator, but I took a break on music to be a mom and now I’m back doing music full time.”

In addition to motivating others to elevate, Majur De’Veaux hopes to bring mental health awareness to the forefront of her listener’s minds. 

“I suffer from anxiety and ADHD so to be able to get many things done in the morning and to not feel like the world is ending is a challenge for me.  I also do kickboxing training and live an alkaline vegan lifestyle to balance things out when I can. But I really want to bring mental health awareness to people’s attention and I think this song incorporates that.”




Demarious Cole – “All In” (Feat. DJ Luke Nasty)

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Today Demarious Cole releases his new single “All In, featuring DJ Luke Nasty.”All In” is a love song about convincing a woman that he’s 100% invested in trying to be in a relationship with her. 

Bred in the heart of the South. Friday night football and Saturday night college parties were a regularity. Demarious Cole was raised singing in the church his whole life. Similar to other great singers like Whitney Houston, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye and John Legend, the church and gospel music helped develop Demarious Cole’s standout voice over the years.

“I’ve been singing in the church my whole life but I didn’t start taking R&B seriously till I was about 18 when I started recording. My uncle in Huntsville had a little recording booth set up at his house at the time, so I went through and recorded my first R&B track. The night I played it for a few girls and seeing their reactions, it was a wrap,” Demarious Cole said in a statement to the press.  

Produced by Atlanta based producer Dominic Gordon, “All In” was co-written by Brandon Hesson. For the music video Demarious Cole called on Berlin the Photo God to produce and shoot the video. Berlin’s vision to shoot the video in black and white brings out a different type of aesthetic, bringing to life the timeless feel we have come to love from out R&B artists. 

“All In” will be featured on Demarious Cole’s album, Wild Heart which is set to release on August 29th. While he had plans for touring and special guest appearances at meet and greets throughout Atlanta and adjacent Southern states.

“Right now with everything going on in the world with social injustice still playing a major role in our society along with the Covid it’s just hard to tell when the world will start returning back to normal,” Demarious Cole said in regards to touring. “But just know that as soon as they approve a schedule on dates, we’ll def be out on the road. To everyone who’s been supporting me this far, I appreciate y’all. To everyone else just now seeing this, or hearing about me, get ya headphones ready cause we finna go crazy for a while!!”




Money Jake – Fooly (Reloaded)

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Baltimore rapper Money Jake delivers his new project, Fooly (Reloaded), the follow up to his critically acclaimed project Fooly.

Amidst the worldwide shutdown due to COVID-19, rampant police brutality and civil unrest, a new star is rising from the DMV. Straight out of the heart of Baltimore, Money Jake has emerged taking his city by storm. Block by block from West Baltimore’s 1500 Stricker St. and outwards to the surrounding neighborhoods. 

“I’m from the heart of Baltimore city, I’m from 1500 Stricker Street, we call it Endless Drive. I started rapping when BandHunta Izzy had done this challenge and my brother put me on to it. I did the challenge, and won it so I told my brother, ‘I guess we rappin now,'” Money Jake said laughing.

Influenced by Baltimore music initially, Money Jake quickly took to the music of Chicago after relating to a similar struggle while growing up in the heart of Baltimore, which is notoriously and excessively compared to the HBO show, The Wire. 

“Coming up I was on more of the Baltimore music. I can’t really say one kind of music but I like a lot of different rappers, Chief Keef and Chiraq was a real big influence in my music because I see the comparison and similarities to Baltimore and Chicago,” Money Jake explained.

From his first tape Professional Shit Talker, back in 2018 until now, he can still see and feel the impact of his words in the streets as every day new people tell him they are down with his music solidifying his connection to the streets. 

“They don’t really give a tough guy a chance, because you in the mix and you always outside, they don’t think you know how to be in the music game and how you can turn your mind around. But I can do it all, I’m outside and I can rap.” Money Jake said of the biases people have towards street rappers who speak their mind. “Professional Shit Talker had a big impact for me, I still am getting good reviews on that one, I just haven’t always had the right people to get the music out there and now we do with Von on the team. Von brings the people and the business, I got the music.”

Fat Yunginn – “Show My Ass” (Feat. Yella Beezy)

Recently, Cash Money Records/UMG signee, Fat Yunginn delivered his new video for the song, “Show My Ass” featuring fellow Dallas, Texas rapper, Yella Beezy. Flaunting fast cars, women and of course sacks of money, Fat Yunginn continues to put himself on everyone’s radar going into the Summer months.

“We shot the video last year around this time and we kind of held on to it. There’s a food fight scene in the mansion with some ladies. We also got a scene where me and Yella Beezy are racing cars. He was in a Hellcat and I was in a Charger. We were just doing it for fun, but there were some females out there, and we were showing off,” Fat Yunginn said.

“It’s a great opportunity being with Cash Money. I always wanted to sign with them as a kid and just to be a part of them now, it’s an honor. I always liked their music videos and songs, now I’m rapping about the same stuff they were. It’s the same lane of music they were dropping in the 90’s and 2000’s just with a new twist. They supported me when I dropped my single on all the platforms under Cash Money. Now with the “Show My Ass” challenge, they’ve been really helpful getting that going.”

Both song and challenge come on the heels of a string of successes for the young Texas artist. He has graced the pages of Billboard, AllHipHop, Hype Magazine and his hometown newspaper the Dallas Observer.

“Things have been going good despite COVID-19, we are getting ready to start the #ShowMyAssChallenge. We also got the #ShowMyCash challenge for the fellas. We got the song on all the platforms, we are ready to go. When the females win they get $1000, but for the males you get a post on IG. We are going to help them go viral,” Fat Yunginn said laughing.

While COVID-19 has posed a host of problems for rappers like Fat Yunginn, he has found ways to keep the fans engaged despite losing out on show money every day that the clubs and bars are closed.

“They opened the clubs and strip clubs, but they just closed them back down. I had just got booked for a show out here, but with the COVID-19 thing we are back on shutdown. We started back going and they had released us for a month. I had a show right away, now we are on shut down. We have just been coming up with stuff online to keep the fans interacting. I was supposed to perform on the 4th of July, but it wasn’t meant to be.”

Despite the slowdown, Fat Yunginn has been steady at work. He’s putting the finishing touches on his album Sack Season that will be available for fans later this year.

“Show My Ass will be on the album Sack Season and it’s gonna be one of the singles on there. It’s got Yella Beezy on there and it’s a single for the city and basically Texas. The fans were asking for it so we gave it to them. The music video has been out for a bit. We got on Revolt, BET, MTV so we are going to mix that and start the challenge. We have a good number of mix-shows in Houston and Atlanta, so I think the fans are going to respond well.”

Mena Mahone – “Keep It Moving”

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Recently female Detroit rapper, Mena Mahone, released the audio to her new song, “Keep It Moving” ft JRich and produced by Killa Smuv. Putting on for the 313 like few female emcees ever have, her song is a domestic violence awareness song and looks to spread truth about domestic abuse in America, while providing hope for those that are trapped in an abusive relationship.

While the song is a domestic violence awareness song, don’t sleep on the bars that Mena Mahone has on this song or any of her other recent singles like “Workin.”

“This video is about domestic violence and as a survivor of domestic violence. I want you to know that you too can overcome domestic violence. We are bringing awareness to this issue, whether they grew up with it or they are in a relationship of domestic violence. We are letting people know that this is a problem that nobody is talking about. Thankfully, Hot 107.5 a Detroit Hip-Hop radio station, stepped up and are supporting the “Keeping It Moving” record. We want to help domestic violence victims overcome anything they are going through trying to get out of that bad relationship” Mahone said.

While many people are rightfully raising awareness to police brutality, Black Lives Matter and COVID-19, Mena Mahone doesn’t want people to forget about how domestic violence is also plaguing our communities as well. 

“Its saying whether you are in a domestic violence relationship or you have  a friend, family or whatever that is trapped in one, this is not what defines you as a person – Keep it Moving. You are better than that, you are a survivor, just because we make mistakes doesn’t mean we have to live through those mistakes for the rest of our life,” Mena Mahone explained. 

Mena Mahone also spoke about her crew the Bully Boys and her friendship with the widely popular and rising rapper Boldy James who recently collaborated with Alchemist for what some people have been calling the album of the year. As the “First Lady of The Bully Boys,” Mena Mahone takes her role seriously and can keep up with the guys, bar for bar. 

“The Bully Boys is my crew, you feel me. You got me you got me, you got Boldy James, Fast Lane, Reddi Rock, JFox the Breadman, and of course me”,  Mahone explained. “Boldy James is the homie – I’m down with him til the wheels fall off. He’s been on the road, he’s one of the hottest rappers out right now. He had just dropped his album with Alchemist so he’s making a lot of noise right now.”

Expanding on her sound and how it fits into the Detroit scene, Mena Mahone explained her sound and the purpose of her music. 

“Not a lot of people have the same sound as me and I don’t mean that in a bad way, but my sound is different, and there’s not a lot of people that sound like me.” Mena Mahone explained. “I got into music because it was an outlet to me to express my emotions. As far as making music I wanted to start making a positive impact in my community, so if someone is going through something in life hopefully people can put on my music and take something from it and learn and grow.”

That seems to be a theme throughout Mena Mahone’s music as she hopes to inspire her listeners whether they are homeless, domestic violence survivors or just the hard working Detroiters who wake up every day and punch the clock.

“The type of music I am making is inspirational. If you are homeless, suicidal or whatever, I want you to know you can put on my music and it’s going to inspire you. When you hear my music like “Workin'”, the number one thing you gonna take from that is – let me get up and start “Workin'”. This is about bars and all that, but we want to make a difference in people’s lives. If I can’t inspire anyone, then what am I doing? It’s never been about money, fame and clout. To me when someone comes up to me and tells me that I motivated them out of a situation or to go get a job, thats the kind of stuff that makes me happy about my music.”




Selfmade Shark – Everything Blue


The Louisiana based rapper, Selfmade Shark dropped his new song, “Everything Blue”. His new single is set to be featured on his upcoming project, Tough Love.  The Louisiana artist is gearing up to release a gang of content for the fans who have been patiently waiting.

“The project is called Tough Love because its like all the sh*t that come with the success and popularity of being a rapper.  I’m on the roads to riches and people try to pull you down and they don’t know how to show you love where I’m from in BR. I’m not gonna hold it against them, thats they way of showing love and it makes you a better man. I like when fans want to pick the single – I got a song called “Everything Blue,” the song ain’t really on no colors shit, but I have some fans that love that song,” Selfmade Shark said.

Based in Baton Rouge, but frequenting his home base of Las Vegas where his label wae. Entertainment is based, Selfmade Shark is currently filming more content to build the buzz on his YouTube channel.  In addition he is preparing to drop his new project and music videos in support of his work with Kevin Gates, who he recently recorded a  host of songs with while in Los Angeles. 

“I’m originally from New Orleans, but I grew up in Baton Rouge and moved to Baton Rouge in 2003. We had started a group in South Baton Rouge and the news tried to make it like we were a gang, but that wasn’t it we were focused on music. I been rapping ever since then, but I didn’t really take it seriously until 2015 after a friend of mine had got killed when I was in jail.  When I came home, I kind of just dedicated my life to it,” Selfmade Shark said. 

Initially, Selfmade Shark got the attention of wae. Records growing his buzz in the streets and getting the attention of the local news station for his reported involvement in a gang. While The buzz in the streets was more musically based, his hype eventually led to collaborations with Kevin Gates and other prominent local rappers.  Selfmade Shark has been catapulted to another level in a partnership with wae. Entertainment, where Selfmade Shark maintains his creative control and is able to release all of his music in the best way possible. 

“I do a lot of storytelling, I don’t really make the dance songs, and even thought I said I would make a dance song for people to move to, I like to talk more on real life situations more-so connect with people – they feel that more.”

D.Cross ft. Dave East – “Never Cried”(Music Video)

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STREAM: Cross Da Boss

Recently D.Cross jumped on a cross continental European tour with Game. Kicking off January 30th in the UK and making its way across Europe, we get a new visual from this cold spitting Las Vegas rapper and it does not disappoint.

This time D.Cross delivers a dope visual for his song “Never Cried,” and along with it fans gets a big feature in Harlem-bred rapper Dave East. With shout outs to Nipsey and real quotes about the streets and how he’s made it to where he is in rap music today, D.Cross talks that talk for this visual that was filmed right in the studio where it was recorded on the fly in Vegas just off the strip. 

 “The tour is going great my fans were waiting on me and its such a great feeling,” D.Cross said of his tour with Game. ” I will be coming back on my own tour since they received me so well. The Game is so dope this was the dopest album, so the fans are going crazy it is such an honor to be here!” 

With more than 25 dates across the map, the Game Born 2 Rap Tour winds its way through Europe closing out March 1st in Budapest, Hungary so we expect lots of fans to get familiar with D.Cross this year.