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OG Herb – Cocaina

Directed by: @MikeZoovie

After dropping Cocaina last year on Soundcloud, Sharkhouse Records artist OG Herb thought it was time to finally give the single some visual treatment. Over the Extinoz produced beat, OG showcases the versatility in his flow by adding a unique Spanish touch throughout the single. Directed by Mike Zoovie, you can capture Don Jose surrounded by a couple of homies vibing at a local hang out spot. Lastly, riding around in Miami with a yacht-filled of with fine women & good smoke. Watch Cocaina above.

Cocaina 2020

Disconnected – Joe Billion (EP)

Cover Art: @dirtybutt

Mixed & Engineered by: @hdpurely

Produced by: @Triplesixxdelete, @Prodforlorn, and @Treetime

Latest Visual: No Questions

The South Florida music scene is constantly unfolding with new as well as unique artists. This time the ladies are taking over & we’re all for it. Here on CITRUSRAP, Broward artist Joe Billion is making a creative statement with her debut EP “Disconnected”. The 6 – track project gives us a brief introduction of the rage & soft emotions Joe Billion showcases. The project starts off with a fan favorite FAVE B*TCH which opens up any crowd to the ultimate all-girl mosh pit. Following with Cyber Bully, JOEDIRT, and WOCKSTAR. Towards the end, Billion takes it down a notch & shows us that sometimes being delicate and sweet isn’t entirely horrible. I had the pleasure to chat with Joe Billion about the release of “Disconnected” and this is what she stated

I’ve been working on different sounds and making music for about a year now. I would always drop singles here and there, but I feel like right now I really want to give people more, so they can really understand my sound & how I’m coming all 2020 (laughs).

In general, I want my supporters to listen to this project and feel emotions. If you want to fight your fridge or get in your feelings a little bit then my job was done. I want you to feel this shit. My tape goes from rage to softer vibes because I believe that my EP describes me as a person. I am a lover & a sweetheart but I’ll put you in your fucking place b*tch & remind you who the f*ck I am REAL quick

Next time, you attend a Joe Billion show make sure you come prepared with water & lots of hugs. Listen to Disconnected above.


  3. JOEDIRT (feat DirtyL)

Distress – K.Charles

Produced By: Frakcija

Creative Direction & Edited By: NTRO4k

We can all agree when I say that this week is probably the craziest yet random we’ve come across in 2020. Not only was the Covid -19 a trending topic but being stuck at home on lockdown topped it all off. Amongst all chaos, 7Eighty6 artist K.Charles dropped an inspired action-packed visual to keep our minds off the global epidemic. With some creative help from Miami’s production collective NTRO4K, Distress portrays the artist in a craze thriller roaming around the 305 with his squad. Watch Distress above


Interview: Catching Up With Lina Reign

On January 30th at the Hippie Haven, Lina & I came across each other at a soundcheck. I was handling the stage essentials & making sure that everybody is updated with their set times. As she presents herself on stage gracefully. Lina starts her soundcheck with a soulful track. As she sang the chorus ” Can I be for real this is how I feel“, in an instant, I was amused by her vocal and stage presence. Her vocal range reminded me of the late 90s, Mariah Carey. After soundcheck, Lina & I chatted for a bit about her music & so much more. Not only does her music make you want to fall in love but her sound is truly captivating. In today’s interview, Lina talks about her creative process, how she got started & much more. Read below

For those who don’t know, give us a brief introduction on who is Lina Reign?

Lina Reign is a Miami born and raised Latina who has a burning passion for music and expression. Music to her is more than just a tune that she likes to hear. It’s a story with deep roots that make it more magical than just a couple of instruments put together. I aspire to inspire and I hope to one day be right where I have always dreamed to be. 

When did you start creating music?

I started creating music about 3 years ago. It’s been a process, it’s had it’s highs and lows but all in all, It’s been worth it the whole way. 

In the music world, who do you look up to?

The music world is filled with so many great talents however I’ve always looked up to Christina Aguilera. I discovered at a young age that her music reflects the soul. It went beyond her voice and came straight from her heart. I began singing her songs at my very first auditions/events. She’s someone I admire and would love to one day meet, maybe even work with. 

As a songwriter, what is your creative process?

Writing songs is the best part about creating music, I often blackout when I start to write however my process is a bit reversed. I start by freestyling to the beat, once I find the melodies of the track, I fill it in with words and write them down as I go. Sometimes I record a whole freestyle and have to replay it to write it down because it somehow comes out just right. The writing usually reflects the mood or emotions I’m going through at that moment. I’ve been writing since I was 8 years old, I am still learning and growing within my writing. It’s something I take pride in.

Tell me about your single “ Can I”?

Can I” is a really special track seeing as so many people enjoy it and have shown immense support towards it. Originally started out as an idea & grew into an actual groovy bop, my producer Justin Wiggins put his magical twist on it & Eli Hawkins bounced back and forth with me on melodies/punchlines. Having Nell on the track was just the cherry on top because he is such a talented and dope artist. His delivery when he raps is extraordinary. This song is about two lovers who play this cat and mouse game. It’s fun and flirty with a hint of direct emotion. I love it and am happy that others do as well. 

How are you Justin bridging the gap between r&b and hip hop?

That’s a good question. Justin and I have found this great chemistry that allows us to work together and put our ideas into action. We both love R&B however we also love HipHop. They somehow collide beautifully. We have managed to balance a line between them by combining a soulful rhythm with hard drums & snaps. Justin is the genius behind the beats and I am the soul behind the song. Together that creates a track that people from anywhere can enjoy. 

Put out the energy you would want in return. Be kind.

Lina Reign

Name your Top 5 albums you listen to when you’re seeking inspiration

 Christina Aguilera – Back to Basics 

Lauryn Hill- The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Alicia Keys- Songs in A Minor

Donell Jones- Life Goes On 

Whitney Houston- Whitney Houston 

If you had to go on tour with anyone, who would it be & why?

I would love to go on tour with Alicia Keys. She’s such an amazing performer and embodies what it is to put on a good show. 

Any future projects?

Definitely. I have an upcoming EP that will be coming out soon. It’s still in the works, I want to take my time with it because it’s going to be my first. I will be releasing some new music before then. Also, I do have an upcoming single called CRAZY that will be out very soon featuring Mikey More who is such a talented artist! I’m very excited for people to hear this record.

What motto do you live by?

 Treat others the way you want to be treated. I stand and live by this motto because you never know what people are going through. Put out the energy you would want in return. Be kind.