Product Of the City – Sezi

by .

Produced by: Chri$tmuney

Directed by: Ghapo

Shot by: NTRO4k

Latest Project: All That Glitters Isn’t Gold

It’s Day 30 of the quarantine and you’re probably feeling kind of sezi because you don’t know wtf is going on. Sezi is a mood where you’re feeling shook or surprise (thanks mom 🇭🇹). If your life is currently as shook up like everyone else, unwind and let Product control the vibe with his new release.

After releasing his highly anticipated project A.T.G.I.G, Full Circles artist Product Of the City is back with another hit entitled ” Sezi “. The grudge-like visual features P.O.T.C vibing with the gang while going bar for bar over a Chri$tmuney production. You might have noticed a few quick cameos from Miami’s very own SpaceJamThePilot, K.Charles, Jack Cheddah, Tund3, Keylowkeem & many more. Despite all the hype and chaos throughout the visual, Product Of the City lays it down with a couple of verses that illustrate his ability to spit nothing but the truth “ I been a target since I started plotting on how to expand all my dividends. Ever since I was a jit, I was blessed as a bitch, I was born in the trap and they blessed me in ”. I highly recommended playing this song while you’re doing your quarantine workouts (especially during squatting). P.O.T.C is making known to his city that he’s a Haitian with a hustle.

Watch ” Sezi ” above

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