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Neutral Delarge – Run It


South Florida rapper Neutral Delarge wins gold at the Olympics with his new track, “Run It” produced by Izak. Violating the beat with a killer flow, Delarge has a unbelievable talent for word placement throughout recording his verses. Running circles around this beat, Neutral Delarge is a refreshing sound to the music world. Check out the song above now!

Quince Lu – Do Me Wrong

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PRODUCER(S): Aye! Sos & Jimi Kendrix

Quince Lu out of Broward County drops a new single, “Do Me Wrong” produced by Aye! Sos and Jimi Kendrix. The Migo Bendito clashes with the beat to ignite a crazy verse and flow. Using his heritage as his main influence, Quince keeps it more than real on his new record. Not looking for any handouts and getting it all on his own, Quince Lu is a force to be reckoned with. Opening up for Playboi Carti at Art Basel and releasing visual after visual. Quince Lu is a name to lookout for in 2018. For right now, peep his new track “Do Me Wrong.”


Gary Blessed – mood (Feat. Ye Ali)

PRODUCER: Bizness Boi

Gary Blessed out of Boca Raton, Florida drops a gem for his followers, “mood” with a special guest on the record, Ye Ali.. the track is also produced by Bizness Boi. GB does no wrong on this record as he harmonizes to the beat and expresses his mind in a fashionable yet genuine manner. Ye Ali adds his own sauce/style to the song as he would on any track and lives up the song status as a prominent record. Something light for you and your girl to set the mood too.

Don’t miss out and listen to the song above now!

3rdivison – BADLUCK

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PRODUCER(S): 3rdivison, Neww Eraa, LeanBwoy, NikeTech, BlackMayo, ParisVVS, PlaiBoi, Tory, Yung DZA, CjD, Honk!.

3rdivison of South Florida has released his debut project, BADLUCK that has been worked on vigorously according to 3rd’s manager, Kev The Creation. The ten-track project that has a long list of producers behind the production including the man himself, 3rdivison. From soft-smooth bangers like “SWEATER” produced by New Eraa to “Miss Me” produced by Yung DZA and CjD show you that 3rd is on that out-of-this world sound. Popping up on all the indie shows in SoFlo, 3rdivison is someone to be on the lookout for and that’s without a doubt. 3rd linked with Don Anthony Tyson, Jr. for the creative direction on his project. This won’t be the last time we see 3rdivison on Citrus.

Peep the project, BADLUCK above and support the up and coming artist from South Florida! Listen now!

Anonymuz – Urameshi [EP]


Making a name for himself in a rather unique fashion, South Florida rapper Anonymuz tastefully fuses gaming and anime culture with hip hop. Dropping some incredible music independently for the past few years while rolling with that aesthetic has come natural for the Broward native. He truly is about that life and you can hear it throughout his entire catalog–especially on his brand new EP entitled Urameshi. 

At just five tracks in length, the EP is a short and sweet continuation and elevation from his previous LP release entitled Vice City–which earned a spot on Citrus Rap’s Best of Florida 2016. With a good head on his shoulders and a plan in motion, there is no sign of Anonymuz losing momentum. In fact, he just rolled out some dope new merch to coincide with the new project. Click HERE to browse the new Anon tees brought to you by South Florida’s very own Vintage Stereon. Be sure to keep it locked for more Anonymuz releases.

Griff Spex – Don’t Know [Prod. Nuez]

Griff Spex


Quietly working on some of his most creativity ambitious material, South Florida and Far Rockaway, Queens’ very own Griff Spex is not concerned with anything but making music that’s true to himself. The latest single of his called “Don’t Know” is exactly that. Produced by longtime friend and collaborator Nuez, “Don’t Know” is an intriguing showcase of Griff’s ability to blend infectious hooks with heady raps over some knocking production. His next project entitled Loops Of Our Labour on its way, but until then be sure to keep up with the now NYC-based rapper/producer.