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Jigg – Stairs

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PRODUCER: StayLookingOut
LATEST RELEASE: Sweet 16 | Download

Miami rapper Jigg, releases the emotional kickstarter “Stairs”. He platforms periods of his life through dense lyrics. The ever changing beats in his recent songs convey Jigg‘s flexibility. Besides the traditional boom bap bass, the record is produced by StayLookingOut. Jigg sets new goals with upcoming mixtape High Grade 3, and dates set at the Stage for April 9th and at Will Call April 13th.

Curren$y – Pot Jar (ft. Jadakiss)

NEW ALBUM: Pilot Talk 3 | Purchase

Curren$y‘s new track “Pot Jar” featuring Jadakiss has a stress relieving vibe. The soothing humming and melodic harmonica float behind the verses from the two. All the layers blend into a warm and laid back song that produce an innocent sound. With a bar like “don’t let the little things stress you”, this tune answers to everyday life. With Pilot Talk 3 now available for purchase and his schedule booked with Pilot Talk 3 Tour dates, you can expect a solid roll out for his newly released album.


Audio Push – Normally

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PRODUCERS: Hit-Boy & Dot Da Genius
PROJECT: The Good Vibe Tribe
RELEASE DATE: April 2015

Audio Push release their new single “Normally”. The deep vocals of the duo play over this harmonic harp, which instantly moves toward an electro futuristic sound. Besides the hit to the background beats, the song produced by Hit-Boy and Dot Do Genius is not unexpected. With the group’s most recent tour run with Wale for ‘The Simply Nothing’ Tour and the success of their single “Quick Fast”, we can’t wait until they drop their mixtape The Good Vibe Tribe later this April.

Michael Tavon – Sessions [EP]

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Michael Tavon, up-and-coming 24-year old artist from St. Petersburg, released a new compilation of records he recorded between 2011 and 2013.  He is currently working on his forthcoming full length release, Everything’s Fine, which is due out October.  For now, stream the 9-track Sessions EP above.

Michael Tavo

Jimmy Johnson – Trust Me

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LATEST RELEASE: Red Ferrari | Download

Prime and OVO affiliate Jimmy Johnson releases his new single “Trust Me”, which feels like a wave that constantly crashes into background vocals and beats. The twitching backdrop of voices transform the sorrowful introduction which in turn increases the pace of the song. Hostile openings seem common throughout most of Jimmy Johnson‘s tracks; and as the song progresses there is an immediate dip into liquidous insanity, also know as autotune. “Trust Me” sounds like the nemesis of Jimmy‘s song “Winters End“, a warmer and less disturbed track. There is not a lot of variation in “Trust Me”, but the Canadian rapper sure does make me feel some type of way. Check it out for yourself above.

Young Dolph – Pulled Up (ft. 2 Chainz & Juicy J)

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PRODUCER: Chill Go Hard

Young Dolph‘s new single “Pulled Up” which features 2 Chainz and Juicy J, hits the audience with a seductive melody. The background seems hardcore and portrays a controlled image of buttloads of money and power. It’s the type of song that makes one want to get the gang together and make a movie. With a verse like “I’m laughing off the lot the way I’m laughing to the bank (ha-ha),” Juicy J’s feature is hilarious. Check it out for yourself above.

T.I. – I Go Hard (ft. Kat)

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From the soundtrack Get Hard, T.I. turns up the energy with the single “I Go Hard”. The overemphasized wording, simple rhymes, and extended vocals make this song a hit. The twerk vibe and the nice flow give the song a gym inspired theme. The fast and fun sound effects are perfect for any high energy flash mob.