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Michael Christmas – ADHD

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After making grand appearances on tour with Logic, Christmas settles into a state of tranquility in his new single “ADHD”. His lively presence, playful babble and well known catchphrase ‘tick tick’ make way and let Christmas’ character shine through. A multitude of thoughts and feelings occuring simultaneously is common with ADHD victims. Boston Native conveys these signs saying “they said that I can’t pay attention,” “I be skipping therapy because it be loud as shit,” “but ADHD make you crazy so I…”. The first taste of the 6ix produced song sets the mood, and takes the audience to the gates of serenity. Christmas slithers into his deep emotions and spills out some touchy lyrics: “when I was 6 I remembered no one vouched for shit,” “I know nobody ever thought that I’d amount to this”. From the calm vibes of his tracks “Sometimes”, “Stepbrothers”, and “Leonard Washington” to the more frenetic “The Price is Right”, there is no question that Christmas’ versatility isn’t golden. With Is This Art? being his last mixtape, Christmas might just dive into a pool of genres and pick up a thing or two for future songs. Until then take a listen to his new joint.

OG Maco & Johnny Cinco – Facecard

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LATEST PROJECT: Johnny Cinco: Trap Religious

OG Maco and Johnny Cinco collaborate in the newly released “Facecard”. This stony-faced tune has an unnerving approach unlike OG Maco’s “Night Like This” remix or Cinco’s “Virtual Trapping” track. The dark piano rifts and reverberated bass capture the song’s serious demeanor. With Johnny Cinco’s mixtape Trap Religious fresh off the boat, the Deko produced “Facecard” was certainly unexpected.

Not Spices – Off The Record

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DIRECTED BY: Turtle Junk Films
PROJECT: Off The Record | Purchase

Not Spices is an up and coming band from South Florida that classifies their sound as indie hip-hop. Drawing Inspiration from artists such as The Roots, Gym Class Heroes, Artofficial, Atmosphere, P.O.S., Phony Ppl, and Kids These Days, they bring a truly unique and refreshing live hip-hop sound to music lovers everywhere.

Dar$e Louie – 1993

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DIRECTOR: Dar$e Louie
SHOT BY: Cody Klintworth
PRODUCER: Laneo Cinco

Dar$e Louie drops the first visual offering from his forthcoming mixtape, LSD2. His single “1993” is about trying to figure out where your mind goes after death. The Laneo Cinco-produced single also samples the legend, Selena.

Engmnoir – Enkounters (ft. Linxdior)

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UPCOMING RELEASE: The Terrence Malick EP

Listen to South Florida rappers Engmnoir & Linxdior rhyme and rip their way to hopefully one day become greats in the Florida Hip-Hop culture and shaping it to a Hip Hop mecca.  Though this record won’t be featured on his next project, but you can expect an EP from Engmnior to drop this summer.

Mick Jenkins – Alchemy

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PRODUCER: Lee Bannon and ThemPeople
PROJECT: The Wave[s]
ARTWORK BY: Hayveyah McGowan
LATEST RELEASE: The Water[s] | Download

Maybe it did take time for rapper Mick Jenkins to slowly familiarize himself with rap lovers but his new single “Alchemy” continues to portray the dense thoughts seen in previous material. Produced by Lee Bannon and ThemPeople, “Alchemy” has an intergalactic vibe, with a uniformed length of space between the beats. Jenkins really is an alchemist, the transformation of his beats throughout the track reflect Jenkins variations in tone. This distinct song magnitudes his belief of water symbolizing truth. For instance his 2014 mixtape titled The Water[s], includes the songs “Drink More Water”, “Shipwrecked”, “Dehydration” and “The Waters”. Jenkins obsession with truth conveys how he’d re imagine society or more specifically how he’d re imagine the rap game. This unorthodox tune sparks up a new message uncommonly seen in his other tracks, where Mick answers to the inquires about his love for ginger ale and water. The public service announcement at the end of the song is a slap to the cheek for all those wanting to know more about his fixations. For more of Mick Jenkins contagious contemplation, check out his new song “Alchemist” featured on the forthcoming EP, The Wave[s] above.

T.I. – Bankrolls on Deck (ft. Young Thug, Peewee Roscoe, Shad Da God)

If you are looking for a straightforward song, look no further than T.I.‘s “Bankrolls on Deck” which comprises of Young Thug and Grand Hustle members, Peewee Roscoe and Shad Da God. The slow progressive tune produces a laid back appeal that presents a glassy featurette for fast spitter Young Thug. The collaboration opens a jar of Atlanta, Georgia and spews out a song of lyrical simplicity. This song is included on Grand Hustle associate, DJ MLK‘s sixth installment of the upcoming mixtape Goodnight Don’t Exist in ATL. We look forward to hearing more from the mixtape, but for now enjoy “Bankrolls on Deck”.