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Young Ray Global – Global Narco (EP)

San Diego rapper and PMG frontman Young Ray Global returns with a brand new project. After appearing a few weeks ago with his video for “Never Goin Broke” , Young Ray Global graces the Citrus Rap pages once again with a new project “Global Narco” and this shit is hard!

Produced by McCoy, Young Ray Global’s ability to paint such vivid pictures of his personality through sonic soundscapes goes unmatched by most, and in this way, it only makes sense why Global has so much momentum behind his name at the moment. This is yet another standout release from the California artist that we should all have an eye on, so be sure not to look right over “Global Narco”.

Click play below and let us know what you think in the comments section!

Cali Kev – West Coast Hov

San Diego artist Cali Kev has quickly become one of the West most promising hip-hop talents, with a slew of singles under his belt and the breakout success of his “1-900-CALI-KEV” project. Today he returns to the Citrus Rap pages with his latest album “West Coast Hov

At a solid 12 tracks deep, songs like “Warning”, Forgive”, and “West Coast Hov” that feature flows that are as cold as they are melodic. Every bar feels like it pushes the track in a new direction as she stunts over rolling snares and hi-hats. .

With skills like these in his pocket, Cali Kev holds his own on this album and definitely fits the vibe of a Cold Weather Album. No word on when he’ll be releasing official videos but we will keep you posted.

YoungRayGlobal – Never Goin Broke ft G$ Lil Ronnie (Prod by McCoy)

San Diego rapper and PMG frontman Young Ray Global returns with a brand new video. After appearing a earlier in the year with his debut mixtape “Global World” , Young Ray Global graces the Citrus Rap pages once again with a video for his newest single “Never Going Broke” ft G$ Lil Ronnie and this shit is hard!

Produced by McCoy, Global and Ronnie do what they does best by creating songs with replay value as they rap about wanting nothing less than securing the bag. No word on when the Young Ray Global is releasing a new project but will keep you updated.

Roll something green and push play below.

Shawn Rude And D Bick – Bags Galore

Shawn Rude and D Bick have linked up on a new track titled “Bags Galore” ft Jt The 4th. The San Diego collaborators bring their A-game on this cut, feeding off each other’s energy to offer something that feels completely organic.

At the same time, they’re on a mission to separate what’s real from what’s fake and ready to shut down whoever’s trying to start beef. Onii lends his signature touch on the beat, making sure the club production knocks as it should and supplying Rude and D Bick with some glorious sounds that elevate their bars

Stream their single above and enjoy

Alexander Slang – Planet X

Since releasing his “Winner Xircle” ep, Atlanta rapper Alexander Slang links up for Florida’s own StoopidXool for another new body of work for his to enjoy.

4 tracks in length, Planet X is a spacey vibe curated by StoopidXool providing Alexander Slang with the proper production to get his point across especially on tracks like “Venus” & “UFO”.

Expect videos to drop soon but for now, push play above and enjoy

Lvrd Daphne – ROGUE

Since releasing her “Storybook” ep, San Diego artist Lvrd Daphne has been previewing content for a the past few months and today we receive her latest new project “Rogue

12 tracks in length, Lvrd Daphne curates her own vibe catered to the outcast who move continued to get ignored by society. Inspired by space and astronomy, ROGUE is about following your own rules not adhering to any normalities and songs like “Galaxy” & “Clouds further help convey that message.

No word on when she plans to start releasing visuals off her project but expect them soon. Stream “Rogue” above and enjoy

Young Ray Global- Global World

San Diego’s Young Ray Global will be world famous by this time next year. After teasing fans for months about the release of his debut, full-length project Global World, today he finally releases it.

At a solid Nine tracks deep, the founder of the PMG collective is looking to make an even bigger splash in 2020 and with hits like “Runnin Laps”, “No Weight”, And “Trap Night”, he’s definitely on the right track to doing so.

Speaking of, listen to Global World below and find your right track while you’re at it.