Jeff Stones – Intervention (Album)

PRODUCER: Johnny “Ice The Prodcuer” Gaitan Jr
via Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal

Jeff Stones

Last summer Jeff Stones has gained a lot of traction, with the retrospective album, Rather Be Distant 2. Shortly after, it was announced that the rapper would be releasing another project, Intervention. Just four months after his last drop and he’s done it again.

Intervention starts off just right with “Not Myself”, as a soft piano plays as Jeff Stones begins to open about the troubles of his mind and speaks of a tale that suspensefully builds up, until ultimately, it feels as if you’re inside of his head. “Focused”, the pithy and energetic track follows right after. With quotable rhymes like “I get high, but I gotta stay focused” and it only being second on the 13-track monument. This project is sure to dominate the state and kick start the national takeover for the South Florida emcee.

Jeff Stones calls up Johnny, “Ice The Producer” Gaitan Jr, from the hit music production group, PLYBCK, to produce the album. The duo masterfully uses their chemistry and abilities to create a body of work that we’ll surely be able to play throughout the times.

A dark, melodically twisted and hard hitting sound matched with a dangerous flow and distinctive lyrics. By turning his life challenges into psalms of his own, Intervention takes on the boundless, sunken feeling when laying in the back of your mind at night, head on and converts it into sound of hope.

We don’t have to persuade you to press play on this project, because how great this is, you will never be able to escape it’s clutches. CitrusRap just wants to prepare your mind for the thought of the live performances of these tracks, which we know are sure to come. So brush up on your lyrics and buy a few bandages in advance. Because Intervention is about to conquer the underground.

Peep his visual for “Hate Being Broke” below.