Mieux Magazine Presents – Art Wired 2020: Virtual Creators Conference

Mieux Magazine

MIEUX MAGAZINE: via Website/Youtube/Instagram

As COVID-19 has hijacked the live event experience, we’re coming up onto one of the world’s biggest art week, Art Basel. With things being cancelled indefinitely for nearly all events, including the Grammy Awards’ equivalent to Florida’s underground, one organization were able to bypass the status quo and give us a new look into the future of art.

Art Wired, presented by Mieux Magazine, a virtual creators conference, is set to stream December, 4th-6th 2020 at 11AM ET for its inaugural activation. The virtual conference will stream all across the world via the official Mieux Magazine website, YouTube channel and Instagram account. And all for FREE! No registration required.

Featuring both live and pre-recorded content for THREE DAYS STRAIGHT with artists and public figures like Xavier Luggage, Erika Schnur, Kat Tarbet, Jumping Lomo, Flowercop, Cristy Trabadass, Ayden Stoeffen, Millimisa, Junkyard, Zac Count$, Slade Wilson, Elena Ohlander, TheFoulHundreds, Gaiibe, Swidlife, Crash, Elani Mia, Clancy Reihm, Katelyn Faye, Mergeculture, BryamBryam, Ahn Pham, Lola Chel, Flavar Network, Marina Sachs, Sajida Ayyup and more.

“Every hour or half-hour, for three days, there will be a new video premiering on YouTube or live Instagram stream featuring a different artist showing you their creative process, explaining their techniques, or answering your questions.

Discover artists you’ve never heard of, learn things you never knew, and be inspired like never before by tuning into Art Wired 2020.

-Mieux Magazine’s Official Art Wired Statement (November, 2020)

Artistic interviews, presentations and panel discussions with some the industry’s most sought after talent, teachers, coachers and culture pushers, live art performances, processes and tutorials, a $1 MOMA gift raffle, business highlights and the first virtual reality Mieuxsuem. Two rooms of brilliance. A solo exhibit taken over by the spacious and infinite, Nifty Gateway and another room dedicated to serving as a spotlight for a worldly range of visual artists. Mieux Magazine has once again outdone themselves.

From CitrusRap and the rest of Florida, thank you.