GenoDa1 – Someone Else (Prod. IVN) [Single]

STREAM: via Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal

Today, Homestead native, GenoDa1 makes his return to CitrusRap. Hitting us with a gold mine produced by IVN, entitled “Someone Else”. A strong message of lust filled confusion and mis-commitment at the very start until the end of the track. Geno takes a subtle and addictive approach to what we refer to now as “mood music”. Smooth trance like drums and hella substance in the lyrics to touch any and every soul that listens.


Staying fixed and consistent on his mission to success, GenoDa1 continues to show and prove why he’s a force to be reckoned with, without succumbing to any lifestyle changes. With a big year ahead of the young man and the team that he calls a family, Geno has a spotlight on him and high expectations from the people to remain constant with the quality of work that he’s known for putting out.


Off top the production itself places the track in a good light. Great patterns, perfecting timing, and a mesmerizing sample playing throughout. But GenoDa1 gives it what it may have been missing, a tantalizing presence with slick vibrant lyrics. Take a listen for yourself.