K1ng One – Feel1ng Amazing (Video)

Miami rapper K1ng Zoe is out here trying to heal the world with his music.

In his music video for his debut single “Feel1ng Amazing,” the Miami rapper gives us a better perspective on his hustle. We see Zoe working hard as a mechanic while he pictures himself rollin’ in a black Maserati and living it up in a mansion.

“My music is inspirational and it is very relatable,” K1ng Zoe says about the song. “As people sing the lyrics to my songs, they have so much passion because it’s not just a good hook and a fire beat. It’s their life story! I say the things that people want to express, but aren’t sure how others will view them after it’s been said.”

The song stems from his new project Season of Revenge, which features a cameo from Miami legend Ice Billion Berg.

Check out the video up top.