YZM – Your Worst Nightmare (ft. DeezyWeeTheReaper & Tony Handz) [Video]

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PRODUCER: Deathndeprivation
STREAM: via Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal

YZM has been making serious noise around not only Tampa, but all around Central Florida and he brought along two notable hitmakers with him, DeezyWeeTheReaper and Tony Handz. But if this is your first time discovering these Tampa beat arsonists, then we just have one question for you. Have you ever been face to face with a ticking time bomb?

Making his CitrusRap debut with the Taivo directed, official video for his 2020 standout hit. The adrenaline and tunnel vision focus that this track, “Your Worst Nightmare”, embodies will give you a thrill. With the Deathndepreivation produced eerie, but airy sounds playing a catchy set of notes, the ambience is carried by the hard hitting clashes of the drums, as YZM, DeezyWeeTheReaper and Tony Handz take turns using the brash and horror inducing sound to their advantage as they each gives off a bloodied verse in their respected styles A genuine mosh pit for your mental. Translation: YZM and his hit “Your Worst Nightmare” is your new pre-workout.