Mula Mitch – Slide (Official Audio)

Jwett not dead and, Miami, Florida Flexican, Mula Mitch is standing on that with his latest single, “Slide”. If you’re from Florida you should already know what “slide” means.

This track is self explanatory. He named it based off what he was doing on the whole song. I kid you not, he’s sliding from the beginning of the song to the end. It’s a fairly short track, but trust me you’re going to run it back a couple more times. Even listening to “Slide” at a sped up speed, it exceeds its greatness. You all know how we do it in South Florida, fast music is our forte. We run it up quick and Mitch is definitely coming up fast. When it comes to this particular sound, he stands out amongst his peers and we are here for it. I believe we’re undrafted in Florida when it comes to originality but Mula Mitch, I believe will soon let the world know about the state of Florida.

Overall the single is tough, and stylistic. Mitch comes with suave persona, where his flows are smooth as silk, while rapping with finesse. Be on the lookout as he’s dropping a EP next month, but until then tap into his catalog. You wont be disappointed.