Neri Beats ‘With Luv, Sincerly XOXO’

Artist-Producer Neri rounds up his circle of talented vocalists for his new project.

For the past several weeks, the beat maker and songwriter released a handful of songs featuring rising singers from Broward and Dade Counties. Each record is packed with nostalgic melodies that will take any listener back to better days.

The first record we received from Neri, “Grind On Me,” kicks off by paying homage to Pretty Ricky and the Mavericks’ breakthrough single. The producer connects with Miami singer Zorenzo on the track, who croons over the bass-heavy instrumentals inspired by The-Dream’s “Falsetto.”

The next banger “Do Right” stems from 3LW’s 2000 song “No More (Baby I’ma Do Right).” Singers David Lyn and Seanetta Carson switch up the vibe of the record by throwing down their enticing vocals. Neri digs further into the past for “I Miss You” featuring Karena Clarke and Zorenzo. Melodies from The Fugee’s “Ready Or Not” linger in the background of Neri’s instrumental as both singers take turns dominating the record with their powerful vocals.

Neri closes out the project with “Heaven Sent” featuring Seanetta Carson. Although the hook is inspired by Keyshia Cole, the rest of the song gives us more insight on Seanetta’s love life.

Neri’s new collection of songs comes not long after he collaborated with Prez P for their Lost In Technology album and dropped his To Live ForXver EP. After dropping his third project of 2020, it’s safe to say that Neri’s extremely busy in the lab. Who knows what he’ll cook up next.