Q. Tate – 41 (Album)

PRODUCER(S): LongLiveTheChef & N/A
STREAM: via Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal/Audiomack/Soundcloud

Q. Tate began blessing our site with music since the start of his solo journey in 2016. Having DJ Scheme host his debut single. Getting nominated for a Mieux Magazine award the same year for his work with fellow MoneyHigh rapper and See You Soon member, GTuck. Then just like, he was gone.

Four years later, after a starving hiatus, the Palmetto rapper, Q. Tate is back on CitrusRap with his long awaited, debut album, 41. With this project, he proves that not only can he effortlessly hold his own on the mic, but 41 is another excellent showcase of what resilience really is. A months after the release of his lead single, “Last Time”.

41 is a display of a range of emotions and events that suit the title so well. One part life story and one part memoriam to Palmetto’s hometown legend, Rob D. The inspiration behind the album. Which makes sense to why he is the cover art.

Featuring guest verses from more notable Palmetto and Manatee County rappers, such as, GTuck, Day Day, Chico Fuego, BG Badd, Snow, GMF Trapboi and Mike Merritt.

From psalms of love to quarantine club bangers. From intoxicated feeding desires to redemption. Q. Tate using his talents and ear for sound to paint the best picture for the phrase 41″. There are tracks for every feeling and opportunity that you can imagine. A personal to him, but the expression in the tracks are relative and universal. If you wanna get your Drake on with your special someone, he has has “Love Tour” for you, featuring BG Badd & Chico Fuego. If you wanna mosh, play Hunnid Rounds. If you wanna stunt in the process, then you already know, you got “Last Time”. Tate even has a soundtrack for when you wanna silence doubters, with “Swerve”, produced by LongLiveTheChef.

With this masterful album now in rotation, we are proud of what this pure artist is creating and can’t wait for the next drop that they have. Stay on the lookout.

41 is now available for streaming on every major streaming platform. See links above.