Lu$ – Moody (Debut EP)

Lu$ - Moody (EP)
Lu$ via insagram


PRODUCED:  Terrance Daniels

M.E.I Recordings which stands for Music Entertainment Imagination has been a hotbed for talented upcoming artists. Artists such as Marlounsly and Lada Beseda are very skilled artist who are promising. In addition to their arsenal, they’re introducing Lu$.

Born and raised in Miami, the Haitian American R&B singer Lu$ thrives with her compelling voice. Her debut EP, “Moody” is an imposing introduction to her artistry showing an immense amount of potential. The Miami singer gives us 13 minutes of her own story and experiences that are told gracefully. Her voice is powerful enough to reach you from the inside where it may separate her from her contemporaries.

What makes the R&B singer shine is her point of relatability when it comes to dealing with relationships. “Moody’ [EP] is about a girl who is expressing her hurt, confusion, and experiences with love,” Lu$ explains. The EP has moments where it’s sensual, intimate and strong. There’s a range of emotions and moods the singer goes through as well. “Selfish” serves as an ode to self-care while “Moody” is a battle of confused feelings.

Nonetheless, the EP shows great promise within “Lu$”. With her heartwarming voice she’s someone to pay special attention to. While you listen to her EP, check out her music video for her finale track, “Moody” below.