CheckTheStar – Dead Roses (EP) / Lipstick (Video)

DIRECTOR: @theyloveoz
STREAM PROJECT: via Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal

Above, we have “Lipstick”, a romantic moment fueled by despair, starring CheckTheStar and KKTheIntrovert. A tale of love burdened mistakes shot by theyloveoz. This track is a fuel for heartbreak.

But that’s not all that CheckTheStar has to offer to us today. He also brings his first project of 2020, alongside Miami’s PesoWavy.

12 tracks of sheer mayhem with an elegant overtone. Dead Roses is the long-awaited addition to the warfare that CheckTheStar has initiated. The West Florida rapper continues to give us something to stir up this year’s rockstar debate, adding fuel to the fire that he ignited over the past few months and throwing a musical tantrum on the thrown that he’s claimed all in the same breathe.

The introduction to Dead Roses is “Supply”, a get money message for the world. The following features “Rain”. A strong, bass filled beat that CheckTheStar manipulates flawlessly with his speed bag of rhymes and throwing a changing melody ever so often. Never missing a punch.

A treasure chest full of gems such as “Riot On 3” and “L.T.S.”. This man and his army is a force to be reckoned with and should never be taken lightly. Doing it in the most organic and arrogant way so far. Not only does this seem like it’s sport to him, but it’s child’s play in some way. Convincing me that he has something dynamic hidden up his sleeve and this is barely the tip of the asteroid. I just pray that the world is ready for the turn up before time runs out.

This album by Check The Star is a MUST listen! Check it out below!