Layomi The Tampa Baes – No Apologies (Video)

PRODUCED: Carole Hollant

DIRECTED: Melissa Marin



Hip hop is in an amazing place. Over the years it’s grown different branches within itself, displaying different styles and sounds. In the last couple of years, women of Hip hop have finally been getting the recognition of being relentless MCs as their male-counterpart. To further the resurgence, Layomi The Tampa Baes from Lunchmoney Records deliver a fun and eclectic song and video for “No Apologies”.

Composed of OG Layla Johnson and Naomi Bravo, the R&B/Hip-Hop duo serves up an unapologetic record that speaks volume of knowing self-worth and loving yourself. Putting yourself first within a relationship and knowing when to exit a toxic one is the message behind “No apologies”. Produced by Lunchmoney Lewis and Dave Diem, the bubblegum-trap record is confident and flavorful just as the video. It’s a load of flavors that resemble a pack of starbursts. OG Layla Johnson, delivers a valiant rap verse while Naomi gives us her soothing vocals that’s makes the hook irresistible.

Consequently, Layomi The Tampa Baes poses as women who are fierce, self-assured and goddesses of the 813 area. “No apologies” is an amusing anthem of self-assurance knowing your value. A for sure bop that can easily be set on repeat for the rest of 2020 and years to come.

Layomi The Tampa Baes

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