Florida Fiya – Tryin 2 Live Right (Video)

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DIRECTOR: @iamwillfilms
PRODUCER: @wavesbydub

The CitrusRap introduction to Florida Fiya, is a straight up body blow over to the gut. Perfectly named artist and perfectly titled track, of course. “Tryin 2 Live Right” is just the start to a movie like experience shot by iamwillfilms. It features a strong, bass filled beat by WavesByDub that Florida Fiya manipulates flawlessly with his speed bag of rhymes and throwing a hay-maker or two ever so often. Never missing a punch. Reminiscent of the generations greatest fighter, in which the track is obviously themed after. This track is a rendition of many tales of the inner city youth who just want to make it out, safely.

“Tryin 2 Live Right” is a treasure chest full of gems. Florida Fiya and his talent in Fort Myers is a force to be reckoned with and should never be taken lightly. Doing it in the most organic and genuine way so far. Not only does this seem like it’s sport to him, but it’s child’s play in some way. Convincing us that he has something dynamic hidden up his sleeve and this is barely the tip of the asteroid. I just pray that the world is ready for the turn up before time runs out.