Dashawn Watson – Blood Red/White Jeep

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PRODUCED: Vinny Fuego & DaShawn Wason

Just in time for the summer, DaShawn Watson makes return to set the Internet ablaze. The Live&Local artist drops two crazy joints on our heads, “Blood Red” featuring the hell-blazing Ashton Jazz and “White Jeep” that’s fits perfectly well for the summer time and for day drinking at brunch.

On “Blood Red”, something must’ve ignited a fire inside Watson. It’s as if a powerful spirit has woken up inside of him, bringing out his true skill, almost like he was holding back from his peers and predecessors. The nine-tail Fox has awaken, and his verses are deadly. “Blood Red” was produced by Vinny Fuego who i can imagine as a mad alchemist for the way he cooked this beat up. It’s just bananas. He also tags in Ashton Jazz who makes a stunning introduction, giving witty bars that fit in every pocket. Aston becomes the human torch, making this track even more earth-moving than it already was. There’s an immense amount of growth here, DaShawn Watson has become an adept rapper, from the cadence to control of his voice, to stay on point with his flow…he’s here to make a mark.

Exclusively on youtube,  “White Jeep” takes a different approach. Everything switches over to summer time vibes, and drinking bottomless mimosas. It’s a feel-good record that the people over at Guava Island would love. Featuring vocalists Zaniyahs & Gr8ness who are mesmerizing and more than just complimentary. Together they make this song feel like shimmers of sunlight and sunsets. The song does make a switch and I just want to say that transition is impeccable.

If you haven’t already check out his latest interview with us that was done back in 2018, here.

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