Tyla Yaweh – DUI (ft. SKYXXX)

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PRODUCER: Metro Boomin
ENGINEER: Jake Saint
UPCOMING PROJECT: What You Been On Lately? | Release TBA

Rap’s true blooded rockstar, Tyla Yaweh, who’s fresh off releasing his buzz worthy hit “Dirty Vans”. Less than two weeks later, he hits us again with “DUI”, another sure banger. To build to the greatness, the track is produced by none other than Metro Boomin. Creative direction for the single was done by the man Nassacre, sustaining his year of success. While Studio18’s Jake Saint continues to work magic on the boards for yet another Orlando hit. The dark, yet subtle ballad is a gift for your ears, sure to be on repeat. Continuing to showcase his unique and distinct voice matched with catchy head bobbing lyrical patterns, Tyla could be on the path to becoming the Jim Morrison of Florida’s hip-hop scene. Appointing his Swamp Posse brother SKYXXX for secondary vocals, the power house of a musician adds to the magnificent single. With Tyla’s latest project What You Been On Lately? still on the way, this could definitely hold us over until it’s release. Want to feel unflinching? It’s simple, all you gotta do is press play.