#TBT: Tay Dizm – “Beam Me Up” Video

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DIRECTOR: Max Nichols & Constellation Jones
PRODUCER: Justin Diener

At the peak of stardom most rap artists use their new found power to shed light onto their homie’s talents. And that’s exactly what T-Pain did in 2008 when he signed his longtime friend and hypeman, Tay Dizm to his Nappy Boy Digital record label. After appearing on every T-Pain album at the time and charting on the Billboard Year End Hot 100 Single on the late Dolla’s “Who The Fuck Is That?” and 2 Pistols “She Got It”, Tay Dizm had the strength to make his mainstream debut, with “Beam Me Up” featuring Florida powerhouse Rick Ross and T-Pain, of course. A song that resonated in a lot of child hoods that had school dances, night clubs, and local radio stations steadily bumping. Little to no promotion, the single made the charts, selling 4,000 digital copies in little time. With little to follow up, Tay Dizm continues to release mixtapes and street albums under Nappy Boy Digital, working back to the momentum that he built in anticipation of a long awaited album release.