Interview: Florida’s Natural with Nik SB

As many local fans are aware, Florida has one of the most overlooked Hip Hop circuits, not only in the region, but the entire country. While it can be tough for local creatives to break out from the scene, Citrus Rap makes strides to continue to uplift the Floridians who are on their way up. Said creatives, seen all over CitrusRap, can be found making moves statewide— some even venturing out of state. Still there are several unanswered questions for these rising stars, so we went ahead and formulated a questionnaire to clear the air. This is a new interview series we call “Florida’s Natural,” so that fans can gain insight on the individuals who we believe have the juice


Photo by Bryce Chapnick

List your current rap Alias(es):


Where do you reside; what’s your hometown?


Why do you rap?

To provide a better life for my homies.

How old are you now and how old were you when you first released your music on the internet?

I’m 23 now; 21 when I released my first projekt REPARATIONS.

What 3 albums of 3 different genres shaped you as an artist?

100% Ginuwine, The Blueprint, N.E.R.D.

What do you bring to the live stage setting that captivates crowds?

When I perform, I give my all. I hope nothing bak. I just let all emotions take over.

Do you care about social media?

Unfortunately, I hate so5ial media, but that’s basikally the outlet artists need to get their musik or talents out. It’s wak as fuk, though.

Is it ever difficult to express yourself?

I never have a problem expressing myself bekause I don’t give 2 fuks what people think of me. I’ve always been that way. Not saying that’s good, but that’s just me.

What song describes your current mood?

Future “Never Gon Lose” is my kurrent mood.

When can people expect your next big project?

To be honest, I have a projekt already done, entitled KOLORED ONLY, but not releasing it yet. Just fokusing on singles and visuals.

Anything else to add?

I rap wat I live. I dnt live wat I rap. Proclub ent is the only thing I spell with a C. #BOPBOP

Nik SB is on Twitter and SoundCloud.