Interview: Florida’s Natural with Prez P

As many local fans are aware, Florida has one of the most overlooked Hip Hop circuits, not only in the region, but the entire country. While it can be tough for local creatives to break out from the scene, Citrus Rap makes strides to continue to uplift the Floridians who are on their way up. Said creatives, seen all over CitrusRap, can be found making moves statewide— some even venturing out of state. Still there are several unanswered questions for these rising stars, so we went ahead and formulated a questionnaire to clear the air. This is a new interview series we call “Florida’s Natural,” so that fans can gain insight on the individuals who we believe have the juice

List your current rap Alias(es):

No aliases, just Prez P.

Where do you reside; what’s your hometown?

I’ve lived in a few places throughout Miami, but for the most part of my life it has been North Miami. I’m in the Aventura area now, though. I’m still In North Miami everyday, though.

Why do you rap?

Rap is like that thing that’s always been second nature for me. Now I’m deeper in it and I’m into it even more—it’s more personal now. It’s like why Jordan picked up a basketball: the love.

Who do you look up to?

My close friends and family, all the artists I’ve come to know over the time, and artists like Tupac, Bob Marley, Jay Z, Andre 3000, Lauryn Hill, etc.

How old are you now and how old were you when you first released your music on the internet?

I’m 27 now, I think I was 19 back then.

What are some albums from genres aside from rap that have shaped you as an artist?

Kaya by Bob Marley & The Wailers and R. Kelly’s 12 Play

What do you bring to the live stage setting that captivates crowds?

Good weed and great energy.

Most (but not all) hip hop shows are usually a little bit tense ’cause it’s such a high-testosterone environment. I just try to give off positive energy to people when I’m in the crowd with the audience and on stage so I can do a good show.

How do you portray your personality in your music?

I try to be positive a lot in my day-to-day life, so I try do the same with the music—kind of like having those go to songs that you play to change up a mood.

Do you care about social media?

I care about the people I may affect with what I say or do, but I’m even more cautious of what I post. You always have to be mindful of how people make you look or twist the meanings in what you post—but I still try to have fun on the net. Each social media outlet has its own purpose for me, though, from Twitter/Instagram to Snapchat (PrezP305) and Tumblr. I use ’em all differently.

Is it ever difficult to express yourself?

If I can’t express myself I’m usually on the quiet tip. But nah, I’m usually the expressive type—depending on who’s around, you know?

What song describes your current mood? 

It isn’t out yet. I be listening to my unreleased music—you’d have to get a exclusive listen to feel me.

When can people expect your next big project? 

Really soon—I’ve been keeping myself very busy, man! I’m excited as hell!

Anything else to add?

Thanks for the time, I’m out! Smoke sumn…

Hangovers & Layovers comin’…

Velour comin’…

Prezidential comin’…