Chance The Rapper & The Social Experiment Announce ‘Surf’ Album

In an exclusive interview with Billboard, Chance The Rapper announced his plans for his next album:

You mentioned you’ve been working with other artists. Care to indulge further?

We’re working really closely with Francis Starlite from Francis and the Lights. He’s been a really been a big help on Surf. Damn, I’m saying these things like people know it. Surf is the first project, which is coming out before the end of 2014. It’s the first Social Experiment project. It’s a big step for all of us all putting our heads together and letting Nico [Segal, a.k.a Donnie Trumpet] hold the reigns and carry it. There’s a lot of great instrumentation. A lot of input from cool writers. I’m already saying too much.

In the interview, Chance referred to Surf as “the first Social Experiment project,” rather than a proper Chance the Rapper release. “The band has been backing me on a lot of the shows, so when you go to a Chance the Rapper show it’s billed as a Chance the Rapper show, and even though you bought a ticket for a Chance the Rapper show, you end up going to a Social Experiment concert, you know?” he told Billboard. And you get the full experience of the musicality of four seasoned players. It’s something different.” Last week, he and the Social Experiment released “No Better Blues”.

He also said he and the band have been drawing influence from outside sources, pointing to his cover of the “Arthur” theme song. “We’ve been trying to take in all these cool, different outside cultural experiences and make that into a free listenable project,” he said. “That’s the new thing.”

Additionally, he said he’d been working with artists such as Frank Ocean, Migos, Rick Rubin, and J. Cole, though he didn’t say if they would appear on Surf or a future project. Surf will feature collaborations with Francis Starlite from Francis and the Lights.

SOURCE: Pitchfork