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Flako4k – Come Again (Dir. ChekTheCredits) [Video]

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DIRECTOR: Chek The Credits
PROUCER: Fornuto

Flako4k is back at it again, with guest appearances from Meez Montana showcasing Orlando in his latest heater, “Come Again”. From a traphouse to Church St, the visuals include shots from all over the city. The song is a coming-of-age tune exemplifying what a young mogul has to do to come up in the city, hustling and getting it off of this muscle. “From an 8ball to an O”, 3.5 to 28, “I remember serving nicks”, the young emcee shares. It’s a classic tale of the come up that I recommend you play while running up the bags.

Marcellus Juvann – Model Wives (Prod. Marcellus Juvann)

PRODUCER: Marcellus Juvann
RECENT PROJECT: Carpe Noctem (EP) | Stream via Soundcloud

Orlando’s Marcellus Juvann has been making waves the last couple years. One of the most recent waves was appearing on MTV’s “Signed” and well… I won’t ruin the ending. His newest wave includes this bop, “Model Wives”. A self produced slider that reminds me of the carefree flow Kanye West’s had on College Dropout and even has an excerpt slightly referencing it “dropped out of college ’cause of bad grades”. He pays homage to his hometown, Ohio in it.

I encourage you all, let’s make some money and find some models for wives. Sources lead us to believe he has a new album dropping soon. Be sure to stay tuned and catch up on his progress, who truly knows what’s next?