OG Win – Rap or Die (Album|Review)

STREAM: via Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal

The mythical being that has been captivating all of West Florida has makes his CitrusRap debut. Dropping off ‘Rap or Die, a full body of work that acts as a teaser to what feels like something bigger in the near future. Sarasota’s own and 941 representer, OG Win, relentlessly tears apart the rap game with a commanding 30 tracks, yet expressive and weighty tracks. He isn’t holding any power or techniques back. This is his war cry. It’s all or nothing.

A conqueror’s presence all throughout the project. OG Win is the perfectionist of surreal rap. ‘Rap or Die’ is like the movie “Gladiator” put to rhyme and rhythm. Vivid tales of pain turned into a desperado like passion. Using each track as a display of the fire in his heart. Like a bizarre hybrid of rap and a thrilling action flick. This could REALLY be the score to something of that description!

The introduction is a self titled track, “OG Win”. Reminiscent of Mixtape Weezy, using his bars to predict his reign over the rap game. The latter called “Full Effect” a distressingly track, that is as smooth as it is powerful. “Pop My Shxt” is a brash hitting psalm. “Make It To Heaven” is and will be a sure favorite for many, a mystical track about staying in your own lane and remaining true. With 30 tracks and all are as hard as the last, it’s impossible pick and pull out this pot. It’ll be best for you to do as we say and play ‘Rap or Die‘ in it’s entirety. Back to back to back to back. This is the type of music that deserves to be witnessed live!

As always, if we put the stamp on it, there’s a reason why. Wmbed it into your skull that everything this man creates will be superior to nearly everything claimed to be glorious. And that was just for one single, let alone a full project! Today is no day different. ‘Rap or Die‘ is a poignant masterpiece. Don’t just use the links above to stream this project, be sure to download it as well and keep it on any and every device that you possibly can.