MachoSoulDeep – It’ll All Make Sense Later (EP)

PRODUCER: OG Vinchenzo
STREAM: via Apple Music/Spotify/Tidal

“Some times in life we don’t know the plans God has for us and we don’t understand what or why we are going through it, but one things for sure is It’ll All Make Sense Later.” This EP was entirely produced by OG Vinchenzo.

About years since his latest project, MachoSoulDeep, aka South Florida’s phoenix, has returned from the ashes of the rap game to provide a strong resurgence of authenticity fused with pain and determination on his brand new album, It’ll All Make Sense Later.

It’ll All Make Sense Later serves as MachoSoulDeep’s official debut project, and CitrusRap debut, after blessing fans with teasers since 2022. The young Broward county emcee gives us a raw confession of life, disguised as a six track album. A helm of psalms that entail his many trials, tribulations, blessings and uprisings, as he navigates his way through this broken world as a man of God.

It’ll All Make Sense Later is an experience. One that needs to be witnessed in order to be understood.