Bachi – Amber Rose (ft. TY-44) [Single]

PRODUCER: 100graham
PHOTOGRAPHER: Christopher Shipe
STREAM: via Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal

Not wasting any time with it, North Florida’s Bachi & TY-44 come together to make their CitrusRap debut and bless us, as they close out the year on a high note. Next up on their list is a hard-hitting, yet cruising track called “Amber Rose”.

A perfect way of kicking off his and 41st Lane Music’s winter campaign. Off top the production itself places the track in a good light. Great patterns, perfecting timing, and a mesmerizing sample playing throughout. But Bachi’s slick, ear-catching melody and vibrant lyrics.

A testament to all ride-or-die shorties and a middle finger to all of the runner ups. The duo take turns narrating their entertaining and romantic memoirs over a 100graham produced instrumental. Whether you’ve found your rider or if you’re just in the mood to flex a bit, this track will surely help you get your point across.