#TBT: Tom G – City Boy Wit It (Video)

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PRODUCER: BoloDaProducer
YEAR: 2004
STREAM: via Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal

Tampa has always had to make huge steps in order to even be considered in the discussion of Southern Rap culture. But it seems as the early 2000’s were the rebirth of the new age. As we have shown and proved our fanatic outlook on the jook era, this week we will continue on that streak on CitrusRap, reviving Tom G’s radio hit “City Boy With It”.

This was the time in music where party goers and fans could just vibe and have a good time with the trippy or heavy drugs that are common today. Tom G was the type of artist who not only told stories of his gritty environment, but he also displayed hope in party tracks. Although he was in the streets, he showed that there was always a time to have fun with your crew and a lady friend or two.

Tom G took the unmixed copy to the strip club, where it became an instant smash before the quality was even perfected. Once it was ready for airwaves, there was no stopping it.

The timeless classic has made it’s way back to the 2020’s, with the help of FL legendary comedian, Lil Duval. Who resurrected the track, alongside Tom G and BoloDaProducer, for a brand new mix, that debuted on BET Hip Hop Awards’, as the show opening.