Chef – Microwave Music (EP)

PRODUCER(S): SaiDON, Drey777, JonEcks & Lostso, Benji Armstrong & Buddah NFL
STREAM: via Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal
ARTWORK: @sacha_cuh

Broward County and Wasted Potential’s own Chef makes his CitrusRap return and is stepping on necks with his latest 7 track EP “Microwave Music“.

This project only has 7 tracks, but there’s a lot going on. It’s packed with some of Florida’s best upcoming producers. The first track “No Favors”, which is produced by SaiDON, and followed by a pep talk by fellow Wasted Potential member 36Purp, gives you that “all gas, no breaks” energy. He definitely cooked up something special with this EP.

What I love about Chef the most, is his diversity, he’s not one of those one-dimensional artists. He can switch it up and give you bars at the same time. He demonstrated that diversity on track 4 “Slide & Vibe”. This track stood out the most to me, but the overall ambiance of this project is pleasing. I’m pretty sure he’s just warming up though.