James Qupid – Holy Water [Prod. Bless]

James Qupid
James Qupid

STREAM: Apple Music / Tidal


During this ongoing quarantine, we’ve all been trying to find solace within ourselves. Trying to stay productive and motivated has been a bit of a struggle for most of us. While we are distressed and adapting to the new “normal”, James Qupid finds inspiration. Coming from the depths of south Florida, James Qupid keeps his faith strong with his new single, “Holy Water”. Consequently, this new record is a reawakening of himself that is lead with hope.

His foundation with music started in the church, singing in choir on Sunday mornings. From being brought up in the church, Qupid began to develop his faith and uses it inspire his creativity. “Holy Water” is an energetic record that’s full of body and optimism. Spirituality is at the forefront and James Qupid is confident with himself. He is genre-less, blending different textures of Hip-Hop and R&B, creating a sound that’s unique to him. The south Florida artist’s melodic flows make it seem that he is floating over track. “Holy Water” was blessed with exceptional production by a producer named, Bless (ironically). With it’s warm and pulsating 808 bass and crisp drums, the record turns into amplified version of the classic, “Amazing Grace”.