From Kicks to Hits: An Interview w/ SOLEZZ


Sneaker Entrepreneur turned rap artist, SOLEZZ, has been turning major heads in the industry since the least of his last song, “Meany.” From working with rappers such as 2kBaby and 10k.Caash, and snapping on songs produced by RONNY J, all accomplished in under a year; we cant wait to see what he has is in store for the rest of 2020. 

As he announces the release of his debut album, slated to drop in July, we sat down with SOLEZZ to learn a bit more about the up and coming rapper, hailing from South Florida.

CitrusRap: First off, tell us who you are and where you’re from?

SOLEZZ: My name is Dean I’m a 18 year old artist from South Florida, but I got by SOLEZZ.

CR: Why did you decide to choose music as a career?

S: I was actually at a party. A friend introduced me to Smokepurpp and I was just making songs for fun out of my room, using apple headphones and garage band. I showed Purpp one of the songs and he said its fire. We vibed to it. He gave me the name of a local studio and it’s been up from there.

CR: According to you, what is a favorite part of making music?

S: I just love the fact that I get to wake up, work with producers around the world, take a beat that they worked so hard on, do the same and turn it into a full song that people can listen to, and go crazy to.

CR: Your latest tracks, Meany & 100K, are no doubt great, but who and which things were your inspiration while creating such songs?

S: For “Meany”, a girl dubbed me a few months ago and I was like fuck this bitch, she a “Meany” haha. I made a song out of it. For “100k”, I was just in the studio listening to beats. That one just stood out and I freestyled almost the whole song. “Meany” literally took 20 minutes to make and its doing crazy numbers.

I just wanna put Palm Beach on. That’s why I’m pushing my music the way that I am.

CR: Overall in your eyes, who do you believe is the most influential producer to your craft?

S: Easy, no questions. My boy ArmoTunez hooked me up with my first beats. I would always ask him for Lil Skies type beats or Juicewrld beats, and he’d tell me “ Na man, you got your own sound, we gonna make beats for Solezz”. I always fucked with that.


CR: So if you had the choice of all of the producers in the world to work with, would that person be your choice?

S: I really wanna work with Nick Mira, I feel like we would go crazy, I fuck with his work and I feel like my sound would go dumb with his.

CR: What skills do you think are necessary to have a successful rap career?

S: You gotta be motivated. You gotta hustle. You gotta be in the studio when the other rapper is playing Fortnite and you gotta grind.

Don’t let people bring you down. If someone doesn’t fuck with your music thats them, there’s always someone who will like what you put out. Make music for them not the people who hate

CR: How big of a role does life play in your creating process?

S: My music revolves around my life. Whether it’s heartbreak or being in an amazing mood I put it towards the song I’m writing that day. If i’m having a good day, I’ll write songs that make people feel happy. If I just got my heart broken, I’ll write songs that people can relate to in the same situation.

CR: Is any other art forms (paintings, drawings, movies, etc) involved in any way in your inspiration?

S: No not really, but I do love art. I like modern art, rather than the older stuff though.

CR: How do you stay up to date, or ahead of time, regarding your rap style?

S: I have a style that I stick to, I really don’t care about trends and following other artists. I have my own sound and If people decide to listen to it, great. If they don’t, I’m confident that they eventually will.


CR: What motivates you to be a better rapper and from your normal life, what kind of ethics do you follow and put up in your work?

S: I just like putting out music that people can relate to and I always try to help people in any way I can. Whether it’s talking to fans who are going through depression or anything else. I’m there for them and that differs me from others.

CR: What is your philosophy about the art of rap of today’s generation?

S: I think our generation has talent and is able to make music like never before. We have artists blowing up from making songs in their bedrooms. Like, come on now. That’s amazing. The hustle and grind of our generation is like no other.

CR: What do you consider the important facets of the music industry?

S: Being able to make a living doing what you love.

CR: Where do you see your brand in ten years?

S: I see myself having a huge fanbase, signing a major record deal by this summer. I see myself touring the world, and just putting on more and more music people can listen to.

CR: If you had to describe your rap style in three words, what would it be?

S: Unique, relatable, and confident.

CR: How do you handle the stress?

S:  I drink tea at night and ironically, I listen to music.

CR: What has been your most memorable challenge so far?

S: Seeing my song, “Meany”, that I made in 15 minutes, get picked up by Spotify’s biggest playlists, and get used by TikToks biggest influencers. It’s just cool to see my hard work start slowly paying off.

CR: How comfortable are you with working on projects with other rappers?

S: Yea I love working with artists. It expands my creative knowledge. I recently worked with 2kBaby and we made a HIT.

CR: Does your work reflect your personal taste?

S: Yea, I’d say it does, for sure.

CR: Any last thoughts to the people?

S: Up next is a new music video that was shot on my birthday, on May 9th, then finally my debut album “Flowers”.