It’s A Noir World: A Profile On Fiji Noir

Fiji Noir

New Orleans, LouisianaFiji Noir has been gaining recognition and making a buzz throughout all forms of social media in the underground since his resurgence in December of 2019. Never disappointing with his unique sound and beat selection, providing a musical experience that gives listeners a peek into their lifestyle, and more insight on what his brand is all about by giving CitrusRap an exclusive sneak peak in this article.

Formally known as x0, when asked about the name change, the rapper had this to say,

“The name change literally signifies a new me. A better me. Before, I was really on my trap shit. But when I fell in love with my girl, I changed, in a good way. A “in my bag shit, on the industry” way. Coming from New Orleans, I was faced with a lot of obstacles, but that shit just made me grind harder and it taught me the game. “ 

-Fiji Noir

Fiji Noir is a visionary in the purest sense of the word. Hailing from New Orleans, the young creative director has maneuvered through just about every square inch of his stomping grounds. While that’s been the plan all along, it’s certainly easier said than done. Dropping out and running away from home at 15, in a radical attempt to leave out his dreams. Eventually making it onto a tour with rap star, G-Eazy.

From a steady elevating grind, which lead to working alongside more notable names in the underground industry, such as, Lil Tracy, GothBoiClique and DP Beatz, just to name a few. This is merely the start of his rise, as he continued to set the streets on fire with this win streak of singles, Up!!!, (1800) SMD, Kobe Bryant and No Sleep/Stars. This has been quite a journey for Fiji Noir.

With another heatseeking missile of a track set to be released in a couple of weeks, it’s safe to say that this is gonna be one hot summer, so make sure to stock up on some Fiji. You’re gonna need it. This is the year that things blow up.