Gat$ - Robbers
Gat$ – ROBBERS (Album)


Gat$ is an artist who pays attention to detail. As a fellow perfectionist, the little details matter to make something great. From cadences, flows, rhymes pattern and beat selection, Gat$ has ascended. The Tampa Bay artist’s new project, “ROBBERS” is a testament to that statement. Gat$ shows growth of an artist who has been sharpening his sword and putting his 10,000 hours in to prep himself for battle. His new album shows the artist having the city of Tampa on the top of his shoulders.

This 8-song project is laced with substance and replay ability. His opener, “Madness” serves as a perfect introduction to pull you further into Gat$ World. On “Selfish” we get a Tampa conglomerate of its underground artist, featuring, Mike Mass, NIKO IS, Patrick Hughes, and Scxtt Aye, who all give their best. Each feature on this album feels handpicked, as each choice compliments each song well. As for the closer, “Boost The Crime Rate” maybe Gat$ most prolific record to date. The Tampa Bay artist speaks on the cruelty of systemic racism and the need to rebel against this corrupt system.

ROBBERS is a must listen, from start to finish. Gat$ delivered a project that’s well polished, cohesive and solidifies him as an artist who is here to stay.

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