Meet New Jersey Artist I.MIR9X (Breezeshare Winner)


On May 2nd, we partnered with Breezeshare, a Tampa start-up company that is a cloud based social network and web application that gives creators their own space online to collaborate with their peers. This platform brings together artists and producers to share ideas, while educating one another. As their website states, this is done using screen sharing, like twitch and Instagram live where there is a live audience. 

For their weekly special, “Breezeshare Saturdays” they do live music reviews for upcoming and aspiring artists across the globe. This time around they welcomed special guest, Mars3times (creator of Aux Wars and host of The Mars Files) to review music submissions and to pick one lucky artist to win free press and to be featured on our blog.

As for our winner we would like to introduce artist, I.MIR9X. Reigning from Trenton, New Jersey where many great MCs were birthed such as Craig Mack, Lauryn Hill, Redman, Joe Budden and many more. I.Mir9x falls right in line into potentially being amongst those formidable MCs. His two recent releases “Rack” and “Offended” are standout tracks that showcase his impressive abilities as a rapper. He is candid, acrobatic, and melodic. “Rack” compiles catchy quotables with top-tier production. As for his music influences, the New Jersey artist draws inspirations from Sade, Meek Mill, 50 Cent, Lil’Wayne and Domino Blacc


“Honestly, if it weren’t for him [Domino Blacc] I would have never started rapping. That’s my cousin so I always wanted to be like him”. 

I.MIR short for “I mirror, I see myself” is a testament of only competing with himself, it is purpose to evolve. “Imir is my middle name. So, I separated the I from the M. to represent I. Mirror which mean I only see myself. I am in no competition with anybody. I am in my own lane. My biggest competition is myself. How can I be better than my last song? How can I be better than yesterday? I’m trying to evolve as a person as well as an artist.”

With our brief conversation, the new jersey artist talks about his upcoming project, The Fall Boyz that is to be released sometime in fall. I.MIR9x gives a bit of thoughtful backstory that serves much purpose.

“Fall Boyz is like the SQL to “6 Shades of dark” that was my first EP that I release November 18, 2015. The fall is my season.  But also, deeper than that it has been 5 years since that EP. Fall represents a time for transformations both personal and environmental. Fall is the perfect time to reflect and embrace change. I evolved and I want to show the world that. Every time the fall season come the colors get Vibrant. Leaves start falling everywhere. Once this tape drops hopefully, I show case how talent I am, and my tape be everywhere. Leaves come from trees and trees release oxygen. I’m giving life from this project.”


I.MIR9X’s is promising act who is agile and distinctive. He raps with style and momentum, which makes him someone to look out for in the near future. It won’t be long til he breaks the air waves and arrives on everyone’s radar.